Jetbuilt Partners with VidCAD Phoenix for Enhanced Proposal Building Tools

Jetbuilt Partners with VidCAD Phoenix for Enhanced Proposal Building Tools

Users can push Jetbuilt proposals into VidCAD Phoenix for simplified drawing design

Newport Beach, Calif. – January 31, 2016 – Jetbuilt, a provider of industry-leading web-based Mac and PC AV proposal and estimation software, announces a partnership with VidCAD Phoenix, a provider of cutting-edge solutions to address the design and documentation needs of engineers, designers and installers, to provide valued Jetbuilt users with more solutions. Jetbuilt will showcase their new software offerings at ISE 2017 in the VidCAD Phoenix stand, 2-E70.

With the VidCAD Phoenix integration, Jetbuilt users can build and sell their project in Jetbuilt, and with the simple push of a button, have their project show up in VidCAD Phoenix. Each item in Jetbuilt can be moved into a drawing set. By integrating VidCAD Phoenix into Jetbuilt, users can quickly pull drawings into Jetbuilt for detailed quotes, all within minutes. For 30 years, the VidCAD Phoenix software family has offered cutting-edge solutions to address the design and documentation needs of engineers, designers and installers. Jetbuilt is pleased to partner with VidCAD Phoenix to provide their users with solutions that transform the way proposals are built. The initial phase of VidCAD and Jetbuilt integration will be showcased at ISE 2017, with the full integration set to launch in Spring 2017.

“VidCAD Phoenix provides powerful automation to design and document facilities that include equipment and cable installations, and is geared towards a/v integrators, broadcasters, consultants and more,” said Janine Sotelo, chief executive officer for VidCAD Phoenix. “The ability to import data from Jetbuilt into VidCAD is further automation of the design and documentation processes, reducing redundancy in workflow, and ultimately savings in both time and costs .” We look forward to continuing the integration process so that data can flow easily between VidCAD Phoenix and Jetbuilt.”

“We’re pleased to partner with VidCAD Phoenix to provide our valued users with the tools they need to plan and prepare a project from start to finish,” said Paul Dexter, founder and chief executive officer for Jetbuilt. “With a simple click, users populate their VidCAD design items into Jetbuilt line items or from Jetbuilt into VidCAD Phoenix to create a detailed drawing set. We look forward to showcasing the new partnership at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam.”

Visit Jetbuilt at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands from February 7th – 10th, 2017 in the VidCAD Phoenix stand, 2-E70. For more information on Jetbuilt, please visit Keep up with the latest news from Jetbuilt through Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.

About Jetbuilt:
Jetbuilt is an international industry-leading web-based AV proposal and estimation software. The California based AV software was founded by Grammy nominated studio engineer, award winning web designer and AV integrator, Paul Dexter, to create time-efficient and professional proposals. Compatible with both PC and Apple platforms, Jetbuilt estimates projects efficiently with an integrated product database, dealer pricing, user-average labor rates, location-based sales tax, purchase order and QuickBooks integration on a singular project overview page – all in lighting speed. For more information, please visit

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