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Joe Piccirilli

From a branding perspective, Marketing Matters was an integral component in taking the concept of AVAD and turning it into the brand AVAD. Their custom published materials have always been first rate and have added significantly to our growth. Coleen has put together a highly motivated and extremely professional staff.

Gregory Ross-Munro

Coleen is one of the easiest and most understanding people I've ever worked with. We worked together on a really interesting and challenging software product, for a totally new market concept. Coleen was constantly engaged, and helped remove project blockers at every stage all while being extremely professional.I couldn't recommend Coleen and Marketing Matters strongly enough to anyone who was looking for innovative thinking and great execution.

Eric Bodley

If you’re not doing marketing with Marketing Matters you’re leaving money on the table. Future Ready Solutions launched what we think is the easiest, most intuitive website. We worked with Marketing Matters’ behind the scenes people and they did a fantastic job.

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May 15, 2022

4 Tips & Tricks for Using the Google URL Builder

Marketing campaigns – whether they be through social media, website advertisements, or emails – are a critical tool in your business’s marketing tool belt. However, it would almost be a waste of resources to set up a campaign without good tracking analytics. This is where UTM codes come into play; these are tiny snippets of

April 29, 2022

URL Shorteners: How to Use Tools Like Effectively

If you’ve ever used UTM codes or if you have blog posts with long URLs, you may have been tempted to reduce the length of these links. URL shorteners can be an easy way to do this, but there are some pros and cons to using these tools. Tools like have been around for


April 27, 2022

Google’s Universal Analytics Is Being Sunset: Here’s What You Should Do

In April 2022, Google began sending emails informing users that Universal Analytics (UA) will be sunset in mid-2023. They’ve placed a date of July 1, 2023, as the day that UA will stop collecting new hits and displaying them in your dashboard. This means that you need to have been on Google’s new platform, Google

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