4 Tips and Tricks for Tracking Your Email Campaigns

4 Tips and Tricks for Tracking Your Email Campaigns

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, email marketing is a critical piece of your digital marketing pie; depending on how many clients and individuals are in your email marketing list, you essentially have that many free advertisements waiting to be sent – many times over. If your business hasn’t started building an email list yet, it should be the next thing you do. In this post, we’ll take a look at several tips and tricks that will help you set up and utilize email tracking and analytics.

Tips and Tricks: Tracking Emails

#1: Ask Yourself What You Want from Your Email Tracking Tool

You can set yourself and your business up for success by setting goals before you even begin looking for an analytics tool. Ask yourself “what kinds of things do I want to base my marketing decisions upon?” If the answer is simple exposure (views), you’ll mainly be interested in email tools that can help you maximize opens and keep your emails out of junk folders. If your goal is to get email recipients to go to your website through other sources (like emails), you’ll want a tool that helps you track interactions or click-throughs. Going into your search with goals in mind will help you find the right tool faster.

#2: Research, Try, Select, and Stick with a Tracking Tool

There are many tools available to business owners and their marketing teams. Luckily, each tool is a little bit different from the next so that every individual can find something that works well for their business type. Your best bet is to first do plenty of research on the different tools that are available, comparing and contrasting them based on the features that they offer. Once you have selected one or more that you like, see if they have a free trial or a demo. Remember not to put too much effort into all the platforms; you’ll only be wasting time with one or more of them.

After a cursory overview, decide which tool you like best and commit to it. Once you’ve made that commitment, you can start importing lists, sending campaigns, and comparing data.

#3: Read Help Articles and Chat with Support

Get to know your platform extremely well. Chat with support about how you intend to use the tool to see if they have any recommendations for you. Help articles and customer support are invaluable tools that can help you get the most bang for your subscription to a service. If you’re gearing up for a specific campaign, ask what the best way to track it will be.

#4: Take it One Step Further

While a good email tracking tool will set you up for success, only careful monitoring will give you the information you need to make decisions about email marketing in the future. Make sure to stay engaged with your campaigns and the results they give you; use this data to drive future interactions with your clients and others on your email lists. An email marketing analysis tool is meant to be the groundwork from which you build upon and elaborate.

For businesses that aren’t sure where to start, marketing agencies are proficient with analytics tools and can help you manage your email campaigns. Marketing agencies, like Marketing Matters, can often be the most “bang for your buck” in that they have the experience necessary to develop and send highly effective campaigns that will have exactly the effect that you intended. Curious about what we could do for you? Get in touch with one of our marketing experts today.

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