Eric Bodley

If you’re not doing marketing with Marketing Matters you’re leaving money on the table. Future Ready Solutions launched what we think is the easiest, most intuitive website. We worked with Marketing Matters’ behind the scenes people and they did a fantastic job.

Pamela Gauci

Coleen and the team at Marketing Matters are consummate professionals and one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the consumer electronics industry. I began working with Coleen only a few weeks before an important product launch for our company. She was able to jump in and quickly assess and understand our needs… creating an incredibly effective and successful launch. Her and her team brought us national exposure. She has been absolutely invaluable during tradeshows, handling press and appointments, supporting our team, guiding us and understanding exactly what we needed. Coleen also stands out from many consultants because of her personal integrity. I highly recommend Marketing Matters for any PR or marketing project or consulting.

Tony Favia

Coleen and the entire Marketing Matters team take a very effective approach to really learning about a client’s business and then developing truly thoughtful ideas. Coleen was not only a pleasure to work with, but highly creative. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her or her agency.

Gregory Ross-Munro

Coleen is one of the easiest and most understanding people I’ve ever worked with. We worked together on a really interesting and challenging software product, for a totally new market concept. Coleen was constantly engaged, and helped remove project blockers at every stage all while being extremely professional.I couldn’t recommend Coleen and Marketing Matters strongly enough to anyone who was looking for innovative thinking and great execution.

Joyce Townsend

I have worked with Marketing Matters on and off for over 10 years. With a talented and diverse group of professionals, they have supported a wide variety of projects including website development and programming, design and layout, copy writing, social media, public relations, online analytics, database management, email campaigns, print, catalog, still and video photography, SEO, and website optimization. Last year, they even facilitated helping me build an interactive game/shopping app.The Marketing Matters team is professional, exceptionally well-rounded, and an extremely cost-effective agency partner. If you decide to partner with them, I believe you will find them to be a valuable and viable partner, regardless of your brand.

Stephanie Casimiro

I have worked with Marketing Matters for three years and could not be more pleased with the relationship. The staff is dedicated and readily available for any and all marketing needs. Our brand has achieved considerable visibility and our products have won multiple awards due to Marketing Matters’ dedication to our vision.

Ana Cedeno

I would highly recommend this team, not only for the creative marketing concepts but also for their ability to connect with us as a client, with our mission and translate that via excellent customer service into a final campaign. Marketing Matters has a very talented group.

Lei Lei Trock

Marketing Matters has been a tremendous asset in building AVAD into the industry’s leading distributor. Since the inception of AVAD, the team at Marketing Matters has excelled at strategizing and implementing AVAD’s marketing and public relations activities. Marketing Matters’ understanding of the industry’s various channels have been crucial when we needed to grow and adapt to industry changes. The agency’s talent, creativity and desire to excel continues to push AVAD ahead of our competitors. They are a fun team to work with, and their professionalism is beyond reproach. Plain and simple, their actions produce measurable results.

Stephanie Scola

The folks at Marketing Matters are great professionals – experts at all that that would define (but not confine) a ‘marketing firm’. Their experience in planning, developing & executing PR campaigns around product launches, for us, has proven to be successful time and time again. The staff are extremely ‘hands-on’ and always go above and beyond what your typical agency would even dream of doing. Highly recommended – Bravo, Marketing Matters!

Mike Detmer

I’ve work with Marketing Matters for five years where they coordinated the public relations efforts at Niles. The firm is highly professional in representation and keen in perceptions of brand promotions which made them extremely effective in keeping Niles in front of its target market. Aside from traditional public relations duties, Marketing Matters also played a pivotal role in conducting press events, managing social network pages and posts and running product recall/update campaigns. The investment in Marketing Matters services bettered the Niles brand and drove its revenue stream. The firm comes with my highest regard.

Mark Harper

We found tremendous value in Marketing Matters as a full-service communications agency. From strategy to PR, business development and design, the team at Marketing Matters demonstrated an impressive understanding marketing in the consumer electronics and luxury markets. Through the agency’s efforts, we were able to successfully reach our marketing and communications goals.

Pete Baker

Marketing Matters is a first class marketing and PR agency. They have built a very talented team dedicated to delivering top quality work in many different disciplines related to PR and marketing. Coleen Sterns Leith also brings vast industry experience to the table and as such is a valuable asset in marketing strategy. By working with Marketing Matters we enjoyed great success, through numerous awards won and positive exposure in the press. I am grateful to Coleen and her team for the hard work they have done to promote our brand.

Joe Piccirilli

From a branding perspective, Marketing Matters was an integral component in taking the concept of AVAD and turning it into the brand AVAD. Their custom published materials have always been first rate and have added significantly to our growth. Coleen has put together a highly motivated and extremely professional staff.

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