Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Content

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Content

While it might, at first, seem a bit silly to use the same content in multiple ways across your site, it’s actually the most economical, sensible thing that a business can do – whether your business has in-house marketing or hires out their content creation. For AV manufacturers and resellers, a majority of time is spent on product acquisition, product sales, and customer service. When you hire a digital marketing expert or a content creator for your business, you want to know that the content you receive is original, relevant, and recyclable.

Why, though, should you recycle and repurpose your content? Doesn’t it take more time to do this? Why not just post a blog and let it hang out on your website? This isn’t a terrible approach – in fact, it’s better than not posting original content at all. However, it’s not the optimal content creation tactic that is out there. Let’s take a look at four reasons your business should be repurposing its content.

#1: Every Reader is Different

If you talk to different people in your family, you’ll see pretty quickly that everyone gets their news in different ways. Some of them might watch YouTube videos to catch up on the latest stories. Some might read blog posts on their favorite journal website, while others might insist on watching the six o’clock news (and weather). Just as there are preferences in this informative space, there are also preferences in the AV industry space. If you’re only pumping out blog posts a few times a week, you’re missing out on other huge audience types.

#2: You Can Turn Content into Different Forms

Let’s say that one of the brands you resell for recently came out with a new amplifier. You know, for a fact, that your clients will be interested in this technology. Your first step is to reach out to your digital marketing team and ask them to write up a news post that can go on your blog. However, it doesn’t necessarily end there. That one piece of news can also become a newsletter article, a short video announcement, a longer video detailing the product specifications, a social media post that links to your blog, a press release, an advertisement, or a case study (if you had a client with access to the product before it dropped).

#3: Recycling Targets Different Audiences and Places

You can reach different audiences in different places with a few strokes of your keyboard. For businesses that include local SEO keywords in each post, simply changing the name of the city within the text will help you target a whole different audience. Additionally, your business can keep an eye on target demographics, choosing to focus more heavily on a different content form if one outperforms others.

#4: Repurposing Makes Your Dollar Go Further

Finally, it’s simply more economical to create content with all forms in mind. Any content creator can include social media snippets, video scripts, advertisement text, and much more. The alternative costs even less: take the content you receive from your content writer and convert it into other forms. Repurposing is a money-saving step that can help you elevate your business, enhance the way you speak to your clients and have consistent messaging throughout your marketing assets. There’s no better way to build a brand.

At the very least, though, make sure your business is regularly posting to the blog and social media. Keep a steady flow of content, even if it’s just one form, onto your website so that search engines can index your site and prefer to display you in search results. Sounds like a hassle? Hire an AV-industry-savvy marketing agency to help you manage all or some of these moving parts!

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