ULTRA HI DEF MARKETING 5-Step Guide to World Domination in the Tech Industry By: Coleen Sterns Leith, President of Marketing Matters The only consistent truth in the world of tech companies is that the landscape will change quickly and often. The question most CEOs have is: In the midst of so many changes, how can I keep my company relevant?

In her book, Ultra Hi Def Marketing, author Coleen Sterns Leith shares her proprietary methods that have allowed her clients to stand out from the competition for over 20 years.
"The days of complacency are over. Your competition is trying everything they can to take your market share. It’s time to execute strategic marketing efforts." --Coleen Sterns Leith Ultra Hi Def Marketing provides the proven recipe necessary for start-ups to become industry leaders and to remain atop an ever-changing market. Stop settling for being profitable or competitive and think - Total World Domination. Now Available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles Purchase your Copy AMAZON BARNES AND NOBLES



I’ve been a technology geek since I was a child. Science fiction was my first inspiration as I longed for a Star Trek medical tricorder and the Jetson’s flying car. When I started working with a consumer electronics company in 1990, I knew I found my industry. And, I love working with innovative products that in many ways, really do help change how people experience life. To this day, I’m still enthralled with new tech.

I believe in giving back to my community and industry. I’ve been on the board of directors of Big Brother Big Sisters for the past six years and served three of those years as the board chair. I’m also a Big Sister. My Little Sister, Katelyn, has been matched with me for over three years. It’s amazing to watch her grow and see her grades improve. I’m very proud of her. I attend many non-profit functions and give where I can.

On the professional side, I’ve served on the Consumer Technology Association’s Audio Division board since 2006. I’m the former chairperson of CEDIA’s Professional Services section. I’m involved with InfoComm’s Women in AV and was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award from The Elf Foundation, a non-profit that installs home theaters into children’s hospitals and care facilities. I’m a graduate of Leadership Broward (FL) Class XXVIII.

When I’m away from a screen, my focus is on boating with my husband and three dogs, Lily, Violet and Moo-Moo, as well as biking.

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