StreamUnlimited Partners with Summit Semiconductor to Enable Wireless Multi-Channel Audio Support for Chromecast Built-In Modules

StreamUnlimited Partners with Summit Semiconductor to Enable Wireless Multi-Channel Audio Support for Chromecast Built-In Modules

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Vienna, Austria – February 2, 2017 – StreamUnlimited, Vienna, Austria​ – February XX, 2017 – StreamUnlimited, a provider of software solutions and modules for connected audio products, is announcing a partnership with Summit Semiconductors to support home theater and mobile applications. StreamUnlimited will port Summit Semiconductor’s Wi-Fi compliant software for multichannel audio to the Stream770 and Stream810 Chromecast built-in modules.

The technology from Summit Semiconductors will enable the StreamUnlimited Wi-Fi based modules to
support up to a full 7.1 home theater solution with fixed low latency for video and audio synchronization,
while maintaining tight speaker synchronization and eliminating sound field distortion. Both StreamUnlimited modules are pin-compatible for product family development, and feature StreamSDK,
the world’s richest streaming audio software stack. Stream810 targets the premium segment, while
Stream770 addresses the mainstream market with the lowest cost solution capable of powering
Chromecast built-in and voice. The flexibility of the StreamUnlimited product portfolio provides customers with the best possible choices in terms of performance and price. Many key OEM and ODM partners have also undertaken StreamSDK training and can support brand customers in developing products quickly and efficiently.

“Consumers are demanding high-quality home theater audio that is easy to set up and complements
today’s high definition televisions and multichannel content,” said Frits Wittgrefe, president of
StreamUnlimited. “We are excited about the new technology from Summit Semiconductor and the
integration plans to enable our Chromecast built-in modules to support home theater, as well as
multi-room applications and voice technology.”

“Stream Unlimited has been a longtime supporter of Summit Semiconductors and have a proven track record of successfully delivering wireless audio products to key brands,” said Tony Parker, vice president of marketing for Summit Semiconductor. “Extending our existing partnership to port our Wi-Fi compliant home theater technology to their modules is a welcomed next step in our relationship, but more importantly will reduce customer integration risk and time to market.”

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About StreamSDK;
StreamSDK from StreamUnlimited is a software solution that transports any streaming audio functionality to multiple various consumer electronics devices including Internet radio and music services, UPnP/DLNA, Google Cast, USB, high resolution audio, BT, AirPlay, wireless and Ethernet, graphical user interface, Android and Apple iOS. Additionally, StreamSDK includes multi-room functionality with synchronization below two microseconds. StreamSDK is portable to various classes of silicon and includes the StreamVienna ready-to-use hardware module family, varying from the low-cost Stream770 to the high-end Stream810.
About StreamUnlimited:
Founded in 2005, StreamUnlimited originated as a team of 25 engineers and in 10 years has built its’ own IP while tripling its size. Privately-owned StreamUnlimited is now a supplier of software solutions and modules for connected audio products. Partnering with all major semiconductor companies and
technology providers in the consumer electronics channel, StreamUnlimited works with high-end audio,
CEDIA-channel and premium and mainstream consumer electronics manufacturers located in the USA,
Japan, China and Europe. For more details, visit

Press contact:
Morgan Roush, Public Relations Manager
Marketing Matters
Tel: +1 (954) 925-1511 ext. 1

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