AV Integrators: Should you Have an App?

AV Integrators: Should you Have an App?

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An app might sound like a tempting strategy for AV integrators. Everyone has one, right? With people constantly on their phones, apps can be an enticing and attractive marketing strategy to expand your mobile reach. If you are thinking about developing an app for your business, there are certain things to consider.

What AV Integrators Should Consider Before Getting an App for Their Business


It might seem like everyone is moving towards mobile these days, but when you are considering developing an app, it’s important to analyze if your audience is already using apps and comfortable making purchases through them. Apps are generally great for younger audiences.

It’s also important to consider if your product is B2C (business to consumer), which are generally easier purchases that can be made through apps, or B2B (business to business), which usually require approvals, purchase orders are longer processes and signify greater investments.


Apps are costly. Period.

Cost can vary depending on the platform you use, the functionalities you want to offer, how sales are managed, and the design.

If you decide to go the app route, you can consider starting with a simpler app with limited functionalities, something that is just enough to deliver the most important use you need, and then build upon that.

Development costs can also be reduced if you already have most of the content for the app. An important strategy to keep costs down is also to plan the app in advance so you can lay out the development by the stages that make the most sense and avoid surprises (What if we add a chat feature?) along the way.


What do you want to achieve through the app? What are the main uses of the app? How are you going to ensure you get a good return on your investment?

It’s not enough to want an app because “everyone has one”, you should ensure it makes sense for your business strategies.

Outlining what you want to accomplish with your app is a good idea before you consider talking with a developer. He or she will be able to guide you in what you will need to reach your goals so you can evaluate if it’s worth your investment.


Wouldn’t it be cool to launch the app at your important event next month? Think again, an app can generally take between four to six months to develop. The timeline of the app development process can vary depending on the functionalities and design, but it’s not a project you can pull off in a few weeks.

Plus, it’s always better to give yourself enough time to plan it out to make sure you are considering every element. This way, you’ll end up with an app you are proud off.

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