Pakedge Brings Impressive Assortment of New Wireless and Wired Networking Products to ISE 2013

Pakedge Brings Impressive Assortment of New Wireless and Wired Networking Products to ISE 2013

Pakedge Device & Software, a leading provider of advanced wireless networking products, will introduce several new products to the professional installation industry at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2013, held January 29-31 in Amsterdam.

Attendees visiting the Pakedge stand (5-U115) will have the opportunity to experience:

  • The W6 family of high-powered wireless access points offering improved  data throughput, reliability and stability along with greater configuration options compared to conventional designs
  • The W5N2 Wireless Access Point with Dual-Band Radio which incorporates the company’s exclusive “True Roaming” Residential Virtual Cell Technology to enable multiple wireless access points in a large network to function as a single “virtual” wireless access point (WAP)
  • The P20E 20-Port Power Distribution Unit, designed to provide the highest degree of AC power protection and comprehensive on/off power startup and shutdown capabilities

“As attendees to ISE 2013 will see, Pakedge’s advanced networking products offer professional installers a significant advantage when it comes to effectively and efficiently configuring and managing a home network,” said Victor Pak, Chief Executive Officer of Pakedge Device and Software. “These new product introductions are an extension of our commitment to providing professional installers with the most advanced wireless networking products available as well as solutions for any and all networking challenges.”

Offering a range of installation flexibility, the W6 series includes the W6 wall-mount/desktop, W6C in-ceiling/in-wall, W6R rack-mount and W6O outdoor WAP.

The W6 series offers three wireless deployment options to accommodate any size network. First, they can be used in a standalone WAP configuration utilizing their built-in “intelligence” that enables them to be easily configured. Second, Pakedge provides a PC and Mac software discovery tool named “Where’s My WAP” to quickly find and easily change its IP address. Finally, Pakedge offers a hardware macrocell wireless access point controller (C36) that enables access points in a very large wireless system to be centrally deployed, configured, monitored and updated.

W6 devices are optimized for use with smartphones, tablets, laptops and home control devices. The W6 software takes an entirely new approach to 802.11n performance, in handling environmental wireless “noise” and the interference resulting from the fact that Wi-Fi is an unregulated frequency spectrum. The W6 family’s proprietary algorithms optimize the devices’ signal-to-noise ratio, leading to higher throughput at longer ranges and more stable performance. W6 devices are especially well suited for use with 802.11n devices that use a wider channel width, because the wider the channel, the more susceptible the device is to interference. Pakedge W6 products utilize Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connectivity for a more efficient installation.

Pakedge’s W5N2 Wireless Access Point with Dual-Band Radio enables seamless Wi-Fi roaming without handoffs for any Wi-Fi device, whether a laptop, touch panel, iPad®, VoIP Wi-Fi phone or other portable device.

In a non-virtualized or traditional Wi-Fi configuration wireless networks cover a large area and require multiple WAPs to achieve adequate coverage. However, when a Wi-Fi user moves from the coverage area of one WAP to another, there is typically an interruption in service as one WAP “hands off” to another. The result is an interrupted video stream, phone call or data stream, or lost commands from a touch panel.

In contrast to traditional Wi-Fi, the Pakedge W5N2 and its companion CTL-W5N Wireless Virtualization Management Controller provide an extremely reliable Wi-Fi roaming solution. The W5N2 and CTL-W5N use Residential Virtual Cell Technology to link the operation of all the wireless access points in a network together so that they all appear as a single wireless access point to a device (client), even though many wireless access points are installed.

A single dedicated “virtual WAP” is created for each device on the network. This dedicated WAP can be customized to the client around speed and bandwidth, to optimize the performance of the applications the device needs to run. Similar to a wired Ethernet port, this “virtual port” eliminates latency, jitter and competition for bandwidth, since there is always only one client on each “wireless” port. This results in “fair airtime” for each device, preventing slower clients from taking more than their fair share of airtime and slowing down the performance of other devices.

The W5N2 is compact and easy to install. It’s pre-configured for use with the CTL-W5N and Pakedge routers and VLAN (virtual local area network) switch solutions. If additional W5N2s are plugged into the network, they will automatically be preconfigured. The unit has simultaneous dual-band radios with omnidirectional antennas, supports 802.11a/b/g/n, has and offers comprehensive security and encryption features.

The W5N2 offers a host of additional advanced capabilities such as self-monitoring, rogue device detection and suppression, automatic power and channel setting, co-channel interference management and other features. It is powered by a standard 802.3af PoE power source.

The P20E has auto-ping and equipment reboot functionality. Simply connect a device to a specific outlet on the P20E and provide the P20E with the IP address of the device, and the P20E will ping the device every 15 seconds. If it does not receive a response, the P20E will automatically reboot the device. This provides “self-healing” network characteristics without the interaction of the dealer.  For example, if a control processor, receiver or even connection to the internet goes down, the P20E would sense this and reboot the device automatically. There is no need for dealer and client interaction or support. This saves the dealer a support call to the homeowner’s residence. The P20E will also send an email to notify the dealer so they can inform the homeowner of the correction of the network.

The P20E features 20 AC outlets, making it ideal for use in larger-scale security installations and smart home networks. Each outlet can be individually turned on and off according to an automatically programmed startup/shutdown boot sequence, to ensure that connected devices will be safely powered up or shut down.

The Pakedge P20E can be remotely operated via access to a LAN (Local Area Network), giving users the option to turn specific AC outlets on and off and reboot equipment from a remote location. In addition, the P20E can be remotely operated using e-mail when access to the LAN is not available.

The P20E can be programmed to schedule power reboot events monthly, weekly or daily. It can also monitor AC power consumption and send a warning message when the aggregated AC draw from a system exceeds a pre-defined threshold.

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About Pakedge Device & Software

Pakedge Device & Software creates innovative networking products for people who demand performance, features, and reliability. Our products use the most advanced wireless and networking technology. They are designed for professionals to install and consumers to enjoy. For more information and system specifications, visit

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