New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Each year I make a list of New Year Resolutions; do this, stop doing that, don’t eat that, try this… This year, I got to thinking about professional resolutions and as a public relations professional, my mind immediately went to social media. Do your social media efforts need a makeover? If your company does not already have a social media strategy, that should be your first resolution. But maybe like 2012’s expired gym membership, your social media efforts need a second shot. According to a Forbes article I came across, only 8% of us actually fulfill our resolutions! How disappointing. To circumvent this, the article suggested four tips to achieving your goals: Keep It Simple, Make It Tangible, Make It Obvious and Keep Believing You Can Do It. Here’s how you should apply these to your social media plan to kick it back–or get it into–shape.


Keep It Simple, Silly (KISS) So I added the “silly” part, it helps with the acronym

So you instantly jumped on the social media bandwagon, you immediately saw the benefit of free–er–earned media. You have an account on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram, LinkedIn, you are out there but you haven’t seen any ROI, where the heck is everyone?  There are a plethora of social mediums available for you to explore but not every one is suited for your business model. Start with two social media platforms that work for your brand. If you own a funeral parlor, perhaps Instagram is not the best place to start. If you hop onto every social site out there, you won’t be able to get to know anyone on any of them. Use your current customer base as a point of reference and find out where they are socializing online.


Make It Tangible

Now that you’ve slimmed down and chosen the appropriate media for your company, it is essential to create a plan before jumping onto a social media site and typing away. First, you need to figure out what you want to accomplish with your social media outreach. Do you want to generate awareness about your product or an upcoming campaign/event or create a community around your brand? Remember, social media is a conversation. People want to be engaged and will ally themselves with brands that stimulate them and bring value to their lives. Join the conversation and the chances of hitting your goal of 10,000 likes on Facebook or 650 followers on Twitter will increase significantly.


Make It Obvious

If you want your customers to follow you on Twitter, ask them to! Add your Twitter handle to your business cards, put up posters, give people who engage with you on social media a special discount when they use your services, put the word out there. Just like telling others about your fitness goals and asking for their support increases the chances of success so does being open about your social media efforts with your customers–people want to support you and see you succeed. When you create your account, connect with your customers and invite them to follow you, join the communities and conversations in your industry that are already happening on social media and connect with the key players online.


Keep Believing You Can Do It

Have no fear, no social media effort is flawless. Just because you don’t achieve the results you anticipated does not mean it’s not possible or that you should give up. There will be bumps in the road and there will be times when what you thought was a genius idea will turn out to be a bust. If so, perhaps this is the year you look into some “personal training” and hire a professional to help you assess and reach your goals.


Article By: Franzannie Guiteau

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