E-Commerce Websites Offer a Big Boost

E-Commerce Websites Offer a Big Boost

“How has our image changed?”

“What could we be doing better?”

I’ll take ‘Questions that get asked at the annual meeting’ for $500, Alex.

In the case of Torn Ranch, and other retailers who are responsible commanders of their brand strategy, that conversation will ultimately direct them to their online presence and other related digital resources that enable their customers interact with them in big ways.

Torn Ranch, an established leader in all-natural snacks and gourmet chocolates, recently sought to update its online image. The company bakes, roasts and creates artisanal confections upon order, providing maximum freshness to customers. Thinking that the company website could use a re-skin to similarly keep their homepage and product galleries as fresh as possible, the team at Torn Ranch began exploring options and looking at how they could make the company’s confections more tantalizing, make the site more navigable and, ultimately, make the purchasing process easier.

Working with Marketing Matters to employ the latest e-commerce system, Torn Ranch’s re-skin project evolved into a robust platform that incorporates new technology which will automate processes that were previously staff-driven. This has the end-result of driving sales by making the website easier and more convenient for the customer to use and decreasing operating costs by minimizing the time spent by staff to sync a sales order to billing and fulfillment procedures.

Furthermore, the ease of management of the new website system will lead to more frequent updates, which contribute to improved search engine optimization. Additional functionality such as social media sharing integration and product recommendation features help to direct prospective customers to the products they prefer and keep them connected to the brand.

Marketing Matters remains a one-stop shop for clients like Torn Ranch with services like public relations and advertising which capitalize on marketing growth, working in tandem to leverage additional opportunities for success.

For more information on Torn Ranch, visit the new website at http://www.tornranch.com. Please stay tuned for the upcoming case study on the results generated by this project. Marketing Matters anticipates that the system will have a such a positive impact on sales that the company will quickly recoup the costs associated with site development.


Eric Lachs is the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Marketing Matters (www.marketingmatters.net), a communications and design firm specializing in technology, consumer and custom electronics, audio-video and related industries.

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