From Colorblind to Color Crazed

From Colorblind to Color Crazed

Many of us are going colorblind and we do not realize it. Even as a graphic designer, I admit to suffering from mild color blindness. No, not in the medical sense. I mean that with all of my formal training in color theory and daily design work, I periodically have to take a step back away from the colors that I’m most familiar with and see where the trends are going.

After recently attending an inspiring webinar that featured a color forecast of trends and palettes for 2013, I became more aware of the many colors around us. The webinar was hosted by Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color and the standard-bearer for accurate color identification systems. For those of you who are thinking, “Color doesn’t affect me anymore. I don’t like rainbows. I don’t care that my wardrobe is still stuck in the 80’s and the 70’s are asking for their living room back,” – rest assured that color influences many marketing strategies and ultimately you as a consumer, whether you know it or not.

For just a moment let us skip over how colors make us feel and focus on how colors motivate consumers. Undoubtedly, colors are all around us, but it is the color trends that become prevalent in everyday items. Most importantly, you can help decide what those colors will be. Colors are being marketed to you in all forms, mediums and places. What you buy and the colors you choose quickly determine popularity. Brands use color to appeal to what looks stylish, traditional or outright different.  Fashion, weddings, home décor, cars, electronics and interior design are just a few of the many “product placements” for color and how their impact transcends into every aspect of our lives. So long to the basic black, white and grays; more colors are making their presence known in our kitchens, electronics and offices.  Here are a few examples of brands making an impact with color:

Apple iPod Nano colors

Poppin colorful office supplies -


Consider placing a color that works for your brand on unconventional items or locations.  If your company has always used the same monochromatic color scheme, try experimenting with a bold complimentary color in your print materials. A new product or packaging campaign centered around a unique color can stand out and remain memorable. Feature a new product with a bold “outside of the box” color, like our client KEF and their Blade Series Speakers.

KEF Blade Speakers color customization

Over the past decade there has been an increased desire for unique color accessories. This push is supported by consumer demand. Some may argue that the goal is to invent the next new color, but I believe that the point is to use color in new ways. As you have probably heard before, “there is nothing new under the sun” and there is a cycle to everything.  Embrace color: It might be the perfect punch that your brand needs!

So what is the new color craze? Green in 2013.

The movement has already started this year and it is going to be a little easier being green.  Pantone predicts that various shades of green will be popular next year. If you have not already started to see these colors, you will. Pay attention to green being brought indoors both literally and in a big way.

Let Marketing Matters help you bring color to your world, call us at 954-925-1511.

Pantone fashion report spring 2013 - Green

Green house ware items - PANTONE VIEW Home and Interiors 2013

Interior design using live green plants indoors as a natural element.

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