Customer Reviews: Why They Are So Important In The AV Industry

Customer Reviews: Why They Are So Important In The AV Industry

The previous year was a major wake-up call to many businesses across the nation; many storefronts shifted online and were faced with the struggle to garnish views. Even those of us who are AV business owners are still consumers. When considering what, on a webpage, draws you in and convinces you to make a sale, what comes to mind? What one segment of your AV product’s display does everyone peruse before adding a product to their cart?

The obvious answer is the right one in this case: client reviews drive purchases to an extent that businesses would be foolish to ignore.

Why Do AV Businesses Need Reviews?

While there are many reasons that your business, its products, and its services need reviews, there are three main reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on this section.

Purchases Are Review-Driven

According to BusinessWire, more than 97% of buyers look at the reviews of the product or service they are purchasing before actually making the purchase. In fact, as much as 85% of purchasers “seek out negative reviews before making a purchase”. It’s important to note, then, that both positive and negative reviews are important to your business’s reputation. Every comment and review is important – so reply to them and solve issues with certainty and grace.


It’s certainly great to have those five-star reviews on your website or amazon seller page, but bad feedback is a unique opportunity to let your customer service expertise shine. Every review has the potential to be a positive addition to your website, so don’t rule out including all types of feedback. Reviews, in this way, can help your business grow, learn, and respond to the desires of who ultimately matters – your client.

Reviews Equal Visibility

Aside from making your business appear more seasoned and trusted, customer reviews can actually influence your website’s search ranking. Search engines like Google and Bing rank your business within the confines of a search term; this ranking can be influenced positively or negatively according to your number of reviews in the list.

Moreover, positive reviews tend to get shared more frequently on social media. This cyclical sharing brings your business visibility and brand awareness.

What to Do With the Reviews of Your AV Products

First and foremost, acknowledge the power in the reviews that you do have. You don’t need to have hundreds of lines of client feedback to leverage this marketing tip; if you don’t have many reviews, it’s time to start probing clients for them – but that’s a topic for another time. For now, display the ones you have front and center. Create graphics, share on social media, and get an ad campaign going. Make your reviews work for you; they certainly won’t be helpful isolated on your Google Business page.

Don’t be afraid of receiving customer reviews; broadcast them to the world. You already know your company has great foundations, great products, and amazing client interactions. Use your reviews to their full potential by displaying them in infographics, running advertisements, and giving them a full-width banner on your website.

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