What’s the Word: 2014 Focus

What’s the Word: 2014 Focus

Last year I worked with Laura Berger of the Berdéo Group. One of the first tasks Laura assigned was to pick a word for the year. I chose “Grateful”. I was grateful that my husband’s health had returned. I was grateful that the economy was recovering. I was grateful for my coworkers and clients.

It’s a new year and I asked our team members to join me in selecting a word for 2014 and tell us why they chose it.

Exciting  Assertive Finesse Cosmic Utopia Effective Marketing Matters

Exciting – Coleen Sterns Leith, President
Great enthusiasm and eagerness will set the tone for this new year for me. Whether it’s a trade show, vacation or a day in the office, I want to feel and share the positive energy that comes with excitement.  I can hardly wait to see what the year will bring!

Assertive – Scott Moody, Director of Public Relations
I will demonstrate a stronger conviction in my decisions and opinions, both professional and personal, by having more confidence in my expertise and abilities. As a communications professional, I need to be equal parts tactician and strategist and with a more assertive attitude, I can make an even greater impact on the success of our agency and our clients.

Finesse – Kyle E. Glass, Director of Marketing
No doubt everyone at Marketing Matters, and likely most of you, work hard with potentially long hours. But things can get lost when working too hard. This year I plan to bring a bit of artisanship to Marketing projects, and to my life in general – A refinement and delicacy of performance. Working to do things so fast and so well, I make it look easy.

Cosmic – Eric Lachs, Marketing & Public Relations Manager
Planning for a cosmic 2014 is my reminder to look at the big picture. I identify with this kind of approach because perspective is vital, whether it is applied philosophically, related to competitors, within a specific industry, geographically or otherwise. A cosmic methodology is one that considers the enormous difference that the slightest details can make. Beyond universal, way past global, there’s cosmic. My cosmic approach to strategy recognizes the value of nontraditional, out-of-this-world ideas.

Utopia – Aneva Matthews, Graphic Designer
Although it is rarely, if ever, achieved, it doesn’t stop me from striving to reach it. I hope to find the ideal perfect balance to keep everyone and everything in a “good place.” Sounds impossible? No; Not on my new journey of positive thinking.

Effective – Jayna Thomas, Marketing Assistant/Office Manager
There is a significant difference in accomplishing tasks and mastering them. Simply getting things done is not enough in 2014. I intend to complete tasks with the best of my abilities, in the best possible way giving nothing short of my best. This means thinking from multiple perspectives, overturning objectives, improving processes, breaking down complex barriers, and much more. Only then can I be successful in exceeding my highest expectations and yours.

If you can sum up what you want to keep top of mind in 2014 into one word, we’d love to hear it.

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