Torn Ranch Case Study – Website provides streamlined processes and improved SEO

Torn Ranch Case Study – Website provides streamlined processes and improved SEO

Torn Ranch is a purveyor of gourmet confections consisting of all-natural ingredients including a selection of the finest organic fruits, local grains and dairy that go into the fine selection of chocolates, confections and cookies originating from the California wine country. This 30-year old company has had great success with its  wholesale business and decided to increase its reach by expanding to consumer direct sales. To facilitate consumer sales, Torn Ranch turned to Marketing Matters to create  an easy-to-use system to integrate and streamline the company’s work processes.

Torn Ranch websiteMarketing Matters employed Magento; an easy to use, feature-rich Content Management System (CMS) that includes e-commerce, product databases, gift messages, customer reviews, auto-responders, search engine optimization (SEO), sale codes (free shipping, 15% off, etc.) and other features to accomplish this goal.   To increase usability, Marketing Matters also integrated Webgility, a third party software that acts as an interface between FedEx shipping and Magento to make it quicker and easier for companies to fulfill orders.

To document the progress, Marketing Matters  examined the results found in a study comparing the two month old website to data collected from their previous website one year prior, in November/December 2011.

The new website gained a 10% increase in visitors and 20% increase in page views as a result of Marketing Matters’ efforts. Marketing Matters also coupled the website overhaul with  public relations and social media campaigns, which added to the visibility of the new site.

In those two months, the new website  also gained a 16% increase in organic traffic, measured by results gained through Google searches alone. This data implies that the new website has already increased the SEO for Torn Ranch.

Aside from hard numbers,  qualitative assessments were gathered regarding  the new website’s  success. Besides being much more visible through SEO, Torn Ranch now enjoys the ability to upload high resolution images, the easy navigation of an improved site layout, and a visual presentation that is remarkably more consistent.

Finally, the administration interface tools of the website have drastically improved, making it easier for Torn Ranch to manage and make changes to the site. Now Torn Ranch can easily offer promotions, add and remove products and change product features in real time.  The site management is so user-friendly that the company gained 95% of the knowledge needed to maintain the site in just a few one hour training sessions. This knowledge allows for changes to be done in-house, as opposed to spending money on outsourced help, allowing Marketing Matters to focus on more strategic projects for Torn Ranch, rather than draining the marketing budget on site maintenance for simple edits. Marketing Matters empowered Torn Ranch to further increase SEO well into the future by increasing the frequency of their updates, ensuring accuracy and allowing them to capitalize on their subject matter expertise as the best confectioners in the industry.

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