A Tip of the Hat to You

A Tip of the Hat to You

For the last four years, Custom Retailer has recognized the best and brightest of the custom electronics industry—those who are shaping the products and services the industry offers both today and tomorrow—through an award called The Young Turks of CE. Featured in the January issue, several of our friends made the list, and we’re excited to congratulate them and their accomplishments.

Scott Moody - Custom Retailer Young Turks of CEOur very own director of public relations, Scott Moody, was honored for his work in successfully blending PR, marketing, web/interactive and social media tools in a way that drives clients’ sales growth. As a liaison with national and local media, including television, radio, print and online outlets, he also works closely with clients on search engine optimization, reputation analysis and social media development. Scott has served as the co-host of the monthly AVNation podcast, AVSocial, which is designed to educate those in the custom and consumer electronics industry on best practices and the latest trends in social media and marketing.

Lei Lei Trock - Custom Retailer Young Turk of CEFour of our clients were also recognized for their achievements. Senior marketing manager of AVAD, Lei Lei Trock, was recognized for evolving AVAD’s marketing programs from their strong foundation into innovative, award-winning programs that influence consumer demand and perceptions.



Phil Parrish - Custom Retailer Young Turk of CE

Alongside her at AVAD, the System Design and technical support team’s Phil Parrish was recognized for his significant Pro A/V experience. His team continues to strive to meet the unique demands of AVAD’s customers in addition to spearheading new solutions.


Jon_Rodrigues_AVAD-largeAdditionally, AVAD Senior Account Manager Jon Rodrigues has proven to be a tireless advocate for AVAD in the target rich Northern California. Jon has fostered strategic partnerships with some of the country’s largest commercial AV integrators to service corporate clients like Apple and Palantir. Jon’s consummate professionalism and attention to detail have set a great example for his peers and have further solidified AVAD’s positive image in the Northern California marketplace.

Dipinjeet_Sehday_KEF-largeKEF’s Dipin Sehdev has been an instrumental part of KEF’s recent success and growth in the areas of social media and e-commerce. Understanding how to balance KEF’s business strategy between selling through dealers and distribution, as well as direct to consumer, He is responsible for the sales and marketing of products on KEF’s online store, kefdirect.com, and recently helped launch KEF Canadian online store. He also manages the company’s social media platforms, SEO and SEM strategies, and is a key part of product testing and evaluating product life cycles.


Olivia Dumanovsky - Custom Retailer Young Turk of CEOlivia Dumanovsky of Pakedge Device & Software was featured for her work in improving and expanding Pakedge’s marketing efforts and increasing the company’s awareness within the industry. Olivia has been instrumental in a host of new product launches since 2010 and works closely with dealers, industry professionals and customers to help them find the best networking solutions for their needs.

Here at Marketing Matters we like to celebrate excellence, and working with great people with great ideas truly makes working fun and interesting. So we tip our hats to you, those that have been recognized, and those that weren’t but still do great work. Feel free to comment if there’s someone you would like to recognize for their diligent work in shaping present and future work.

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