Power Requirements for Family Office Demand RoseWater’s Energy Management HUB

Power Requirements for Family Office Demand RoseWater’s Energy Management HUB

Technology goals are to secure premises and allow communications in all situations

Harbourside Place is Jupiter, Florida’s premier downtown destination for shopping, dining, luxury hotel accommodations, entertainment, boating and office space. Nestled along Jupiter’s Intracoastal Waterway, Harbourside Place conveys that classic, coastal vibe.  When a family office decided to relocate their workplace to this upscale location, the key requirement was to have a secure location that always functions regardless of power conditions.

The manager of the office had recently worked with Definitive Electronics in Jupiter to upgrade his home technology and install RoseWater’s HUB SB20. He asked Don Dixon, president, to help them with the new office project.

Anyone who has lived in South Florida understands that power tends to fluctuate and in extreme cases, there is loss of power from weather conditions, high demand — or just because.  The family office wanted clean reliable power no matter the circumstances. And, they wanted to power anything that had 120 V input in the office.

The new office location is on the second floor of a commercial building that could not accommodate a generator. Based on his experience with RoseWater’s HUB in his residence, the family office manager agreed that the HUB was the best solution available for the office’s mission-critical environment as it’s the only product available with the features and high quality that was needed.  

The job required the installation to occur in two stages. In the first, the product was set in place and assembled. In the second stage, the product was commissioned to RoseWater’s electrical team. The stages were about eight weeks apart.

“In this HUB installation, we needed a firmware update and discovered that we had a defective inverter communication board,” said Don Dixon. “Since perfection does not exist, one way to judge the quality of a company is how they deal with problems. RoseWater was great. They did the diagnostic, flew in the part, and got the unit up and running. We also had a special 3-phase electric need and had an incoming voltage issue that RoseWater responded to after hours and immediately corrected. RoseWater’s primary concern was the satisfaction of our customer. They were constantly protecting our client relationship – and we value that in a partner.”

The office installation included a Crestron Control system with bio-print and card access control with security lighting. Other office technology included thermal shades to maintain the office at a consistent 75°.  The office design is clean, open with straight lines and it was imperative to keep electronics aesthetics from distracting from the look. The office was also designed to be ADA compliant and includes a Crestron access control panel mounted at the door to accommodate wheelchairs. The designer included color-coded ceiling runs for sprinklers and water runs to include the open ceiling into the design plan.

“We had some challenges working with the builders to ensure continuity of the design during the technology installation that we worked through,” continued Don Dixon. “Definitive Electronics has a reputation for being meticulous in our work and the completed aesthetics met our high standards.”

“In the event of a power outage, our client can see exactly how much power they have and can decide what loads they want to shed. There’s enough backup power there to keep security protocols in place and continue working for days.”

“The family office opened in early 2020 and our client has not experienced any power issues.  Everything in the office is operating as it should. We can see the anomaly events while monitoring the HUB and it’s doing exactly what it should.”

To learn more about the power of clean power, connect with RoseWater Energy Group on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest news. For more information on the HUB and RoseWater Energy, please visit http://www.rosewaterenergy.com.

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About RoseWater Energy Group
RoseWater Energy Group creates innovative and intelligent energy management systems for governments, utilities, industries, and residential consumers. Focused on the mission to create the next generation of renewable smart grid systems leveraging the best battery storage technologies, RoseWater works with their clients to design, build, integrate and manage power system assets specific to their needs. The Residential Energy Management HUB is the first and only power management product to be featured within a micro-grid in the head office of a major utility company. For more details visit

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