On Cheese, Technology & the Amish

On Cheese, Technology & the Amish

Let’s get one thing straight: It’s good to be Amish. Bless their hearts, they lead a good, clean simple life. They’re honest. Hard-working. Faithful. Yet, as a professional in the consumer electronics and technology industry, are the Amish your target audience?

Of course they aren’t.

So then WHY are you continuing to market your high-tech products and services in a way that would only appeal to the simple lifestyle of this good agrarian demographic?

Even the best of us get weary of the onslaught of technology. It seems there is something new to learn every day. Frankly, that can get tiring. Without recognizing it, in seeming self-defense, humans are creatures that can turn their backs on problems. They can ignore new and vital trends. In doing so, some of us can end up becoming extinct, like the Beta tape or the Macarena.

For example, one of the newest and fastest growing societal trends is the phone. Not that one-ton object de arte hanging on Grandma’s kitchen wall with the big rotary dial. More and more, people are using their smartphones and tablets to interact with the world. Ten million apps have been downloaded from iTunes. Millions of people are using these tools to order concert tickets, buy coffee, make restaurant reservations and now, pick out high-tech products from catalogues — 24 hours a day.

Mobile marketing is just one piece of the marketing technology world. QR codes, online chat, video training tips, mobile advertising and social media are some of the technology tools now available. It’s time to reach your customers through the venues that work best for them. And, make it easy for them to do business with you.

We are entering a new era. This explosion of new technology is not a bad thing. It’s an opportunity for businesses — well, smart businesses — to engage with their consumers directly in a medium that is a powerful reality of economics, marketing, sales and analytics. That can be scary. And enticing.

The key is to take a step. You can start small as long as you just start. Why? Because your competition will—or already has.

Not to make your head spin with the mixing the Amish with cheese, but we’d like to remind you of the theme of Dr. Spencer Johnson’s classic business book: “Who Moved My Cheese?” It’s about change. Can you?

Change can be a good thing. Clean. Refreshing. Freeing. The vitality, the excitement, the profits of not only accepting change, but going after your “cheese” with hope and gusto is the very thing that drives business and makes us get out of bed every morning. Well, most mornings, hopefully.

For those who can adapt, learn and change, there is the reward of success. For those who can’t adapt, well, the ending of “Who Moved My Cheese” is not very happy for the little person who would not move.

The first key to turn is to use the tools available now, learn and grow and be ahead of curve. Or, you might want to pack it in and hitchhike out to an Amish farmhouse, knock on the door and ask if they have any chores…

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