BlueDog Data Services and Audio Design, Inc. merge to form the BlueDog Group to provide expanded suite of services to Systems Integrators

 Boca Raton, Fla. – February 6, 2018 – BlueDog Data Services, a provider of comprehensive data management services supporting the tools, processes, and standards necessary for integrators to compete, grow and remain profitable, announces a merger with Audio Design, Inc., a provider of outsourced system design and documentation, to form the BlueDog Group.

BlueDog Data Services and BlueDog Design Services, formerly Audio Design, Inc., combine to offer a more comprehensive suite of design (proposals), project documentation (drawings), and data management services to integrators. Residential and commercial systems integrators can utilize these services on an “as needed” basis. By partnering with BlueDog, integrators can focus their internal staff on sales, installation, and customer service leaving the time-consuming tasks to BlueDog. This enables them to save more money on labor costs and increase efficiency all while continuing to grow their business.

Utilizing BlueDog’s Design Services, systems integrators using D-Tools will have detailed, accurate proposals reflecting equipment, materials, time budgets, support documentation and more, with current product information and pricing. For architects, contractors and interior design professionals, the BlueDog Group will develop realistic budgets for each client based on detailed specifications as well as work alongside the client to select a contractor through a formal bid process.

While the concept of outsourcing design and documentation is not new to the residential integration community, outsourcing the management of data in the product and labor catalog that feeds proposal and engineering software is still relatively new to the systems integration community. Most integrators either manage their data poorly, or dedicate a portion, if not all, of internal staff’s time to enter and maintain product and labor data in their D-Tools catalog. The result is either missed revenue opportunities or increased costs, both resulting in reduced profits and a drag on growth. Outsourcing the creation and maintenance of the product and labor catalog to BlueDog provides integrators accurate, consistent, complete and timely information for sales, engineering, and accounting. This not only reduces turnaround time for proposals and engineering drawings, but can also be done at a fraction of the cost of managing the data for the catalog in-house.

Through the BlueDog Group data and design services, integrators can shrink the time it takes to develop comprehensive proposals during their sales effort and utilize the same data to support the engineering, installation and programming phases.

“With the BlueDog Group, we can fulfill the needs of an in-house engineer for a fraction of the cost,” said Curt Hayes, Chief Executive Officer of BlueDog Data Services. “While providing integrators with one-on-one, personalized services, the BlueDog Group specializes in accurate, complete and consistent data for proposal, engineering, and accounting needs. We look forward to providing existing customers and potential new customers with comprehensive, complementary services only available at the BlueDog Group.”

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About BlueDog Data Services

BlueDog Data Services, founded in 2015, provides CEDIA and InfoComm channel integrators with the data and data management services to support the processes, procedures and standards necessary to compete, grow and remain profitable as the market continues to evolve. At the core of its services is the cloud-based database of manufacturer products and installation times that allow integrators to quickly and easily provide accurate proposals for their prospective customers.

 About BlueDog Design Services (formerly) Audio Design, Inc.:

BlueDog Design Services, founded in 2007, is dedicated to the business of low voltage integration & automation addressing its clients’ needs from the sales effort to final installation by providing timely and accurate proposal generation and system documentation. Services are provided on an outsourced basis to audio/video contractors, designers, home builders and architects. For more information visit



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