Top 5 Best Booth Design Tips for AV Shows

Top 5 Best Booth Design Tips for AV Shows

Now that the pandemic is starting to look like a distant memory, large in-person events and trade shows are back on the menu. If your AV business is looking to host a booth at one of this (or next) year’s trade shows, we recommend that you take a look at these booth design tips; who knows, you might end up being the AV manufacturer with the best booth design on the floor.

Keep the Design Simple and Clean

Especially in technology-related trades like the AV industry, it can be helpful to choose a minimalist color palette with hard angles. Curved edges may work, as well – especially if your brand or products have a “futuristic” feel. If your AV business has a logo, try to pick colors that complement this graphic, and integrate them into your design, but don’t go overboard.

Don’t Clutter or Obscure

While it might seem like a great tactic to display as much of what your AV business is working on, it’s better to pare down and display only your most excellent ideas for the year. Another consideration is that you want all of your guests to be able to see every part of your booth as they maneuver through the pathway you have set for them. Ensure that none of your stations are too tall and that your company’s logo is visible from every direction. Some booths choose to use a billboard-type sign over their display to help guests identify the brand from afar.

Prepare Case Studies or Have Demonstrations

Your AV business staff must be trained and ready to talk to guests about what you do, but it’s equally important to have something that onlookers can engage with directly. Create interactive displays, video or live demonstrations, and set out products for guests to touch, feel, and use. Your goal should be to get people excited about your company; it’s hard to do this solely with pictures and verbal discussion.

Use Relevant Graphics

As we mentioned above, try to keep visual stimuli to a minimum unless essential to the story you wish to tell. Work with your graphic design team or consultant to develop relevant infographics, growth sheets for investors, and pictures that will help attract viewers. Remember to still go after your target audience, even at an AV industry trade show.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

After all, this is a trade show for AV businesses like yours. Be careful not to overdo it, though. For example, just because you have 20 different coatings for cables doesn’t mean you should bring them all for display at your booth. Instead, create a video that summarizes each coating’s benefits with detailed diagrams of how they are manufactured. The same goes for computerized displays and machinery; if it doesn’t contribute directly to the story or benefit you are trying to sell, don’t include it. Every component should be critical to your booth’s performance.

Designing the Best Booth for AV Shows

If you genuinely want your booth to stand out in the crowd, test out your design in advance. Set the whole display up and have employees (and maybe even their family members) provide feedback on the overall design and maneuverability. In order to make sure your booth will fit in the designated space, it may be helpful to use an area rug or tape-off dimensions. It would be incredibly frustrating to show up with equipment that doesn’t fit within your allotted space!

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