How To Get More Subscribers for Your Website

How To Get More Subscribers for Your Website

So you’ve started your own business, hired the right staff, and worked out some of the kinks of entrepreneurship. Yet, when you think it should all be smooth sailing (at least for a while), you realize that the same way cell phones are upgraded every couple of months, your business has to do the same to stay relevant.

This includes having an interesting website. Gone are the days of posting generic information, a picture and contact information. To get potential clients’ attention, you must be engaging and provide useful and regular content (whether they are blogs, podcasts or videos). Something that’s relatively quick, easily digestible and shareable. But in order for this formula to be effective, you need to have actual readers coming to your website to see what you’ve been up to.

The following are several steps you can take to increase subscribers for your blog or website.


  1. Include a link on your social media pages: Everyone and their mother is at least on Facebook and/or Twitter. Make sure a link to your website is impossible to miss (i.e. right under your logo on Twitter, and on your “About” section on Facebook). Remind people to follow your page. That way your updates will show up on their news feed. Also via Facebook, when you create a business page, include a “sign up” button. The site is extremely user friendly. All you have to do is follow instructions on how to get it done.

Tip: Have you noticed that a decent amount of your subscribers is also subscribed to another social media site? Consider submitting a Guest Blog for that website. They may even allow you to put a link or picture bio at the bottom of your post, which can direct new traffic to your website from individuals who are clearly like-minded.


  1. Boost your postings with Facebook Ads: You can choose which postings should be promoted; how often, for how long, and even choose your preferred demographics. You can invest as little or as much as you’d like. It’s simple and easy. All you have to do is follow these steps.


  1. Include a subscription link: Typically, this is done via business plug-ins you can add to your website. So if you don’t have them installed yet, upgrade your account. It’ll cost you money, but it’s a good investment. And with YouTube showing you how to do it, you have no excuse.


  1. Use Google Traffic: The same way that Google Analytics can do wonders for your business, you can use Google Traffic and Google AdWords to get more visitors to your website. This little tool will help you come up with keywords for your content that will give you better placement on Google searches.


  1. Follow your followers: Don’t just use your social media accounts or website as a platform for marketing. Start discussions. Ask questions. Offer promotional contests. Reply to followers’ comments and questions. Address any concerns they have. Be thankful of any praise. Take a look at who they are following and check out those accounts too. Engaging with your clients and knowing who they are engaging with, will help you establish a connection with them; and ultimately, that’s what will keep them coming back.


  1. Utilize your Email list: At this point in your entrepreneurial journey, you should have amassed an Email list of your subscribers. People check their email inbox an average of five times a day. That is a lot of opportunity to drive traffic to your website that you could be missing. Consider sending out a daily tip or weekly announcement. Once you decide what it is you want to send and how frequently you want to do it, commit to the process. Try not to start big and send a daily message to your entire email list, only to get exhausted and cease doing so after 8 days. That looks messy. Make sure you have the capacity to stick with it.


Everyone’s scrolling through their phones at all times of the day. Make it a priority to have your website and social media site be part of this pervasive trend. Your competitors are already doing it. What are you going to do about it?

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