Five Things to Consider When Developing a Logo

Five Things to Consider When Developing a Logo

Starbucks. Disney. Apple. There are so many companies with such a distinctive logo, that no matter where in the world a person is from, or which language they speak, most people will recognize them. And, with that recognition comes all of the characteristics associated with the product: Coffee with obnoxiously long names, fun times for kids and adults and quality electronics.

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to have a recognizable logo. Businesses everywhere have done so at a smaller scale. So, what do you have to consider when developing your own?

  1. Who is your target audience? If you just opened a vegan café, you wouldn’t pick a logo of a pig roast. Since market research is an essential step for any business, make it a part of yours to understand what makes your ideal clients tick.


  1. Research your competition: The whole point of having a logo is so that people can instantly recognize that it relates to your business. The last thing you need is for a competitor, or maybe even someone in a completely different industry, to have a similar logo. Your logo is your brand identity. Treat it as such.


  1. Keep it simple and timeless: Going back to the examples above, Apple has its namesake fruit with a missing bite as their logo. Disney has a castle. We live with information overload and having clean lines with an easy to discern symbol will make you stand out. Plus, leaving out overly trendy designs will give your logo longevity (Think of McDonald’s and Mercedes Benz).


  1. Pay attention to color: Yes, the design itself is important, but choosing colors carefully and purposefully should be a part of your strategy. Do you think Barbie’s would be as popular with little girls if all of their accessories were brown? Different colors evoke different emotions and depending on the message you want to convey, you’ll want to pay attention to the psychology behind this phenomenon.


  1. Trademark it: Nowadays, it’s so easy for people to take a logo they find online and make it their own. Or in a less sinister scenario, someone may have already come up with a similar idea. If it’s trademarked, it’s yours, and you’ll be able to prevent other businesses from using it. In addition, the bigger your business gets, the higher the value of your trademarked logo, which could translate to increased profits should you ever decide to sell your business.


You’ve put a lot of money and effort into your business. Make sure your logo is part of that cohesive plan and get it to work for you. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

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