The Pros and Cons of Google AdWords

The Pros and Cons of Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Remember the days of rotary phones, Rolodexes, and dial up Internet that would get disconnected whenever a phone call came in?

One of the best things about today’s technology is that it’s much more reliable. However, it can quickly become overwhelming to choose from the many alternative business tools available. Some of them, such as Google Analytics, can work wonders for tracking your website performance, while others have become redundant and outdated.

So, what’s the deal with Google AdWords? Depending whom you ask, you’ll get different answers as to whether the tool is worth it – you’ll have to do your due diligence, consider your specific business needs, and come to your own conclusions. To make that decision-making process easier for you, we’ve provided a list of pros and cons of Google AdWords.


Google AdWords Pros

Appear at the top of search results: You’ve probably noticed that when you search for something on Google, several ads appear at the top of the results.That’s what Google AdWords does. The good thing about it is that you only pay once a person clicks on your ads.

Versatility: You can design video ads on YouTube, in-app ads for mobile users, and banners across inboxes for Gmail users.

Stay within your budget: You’re in control of how much you can spend and cap it at that amount. There are also no cancellation fees if you decide Google AdWords is not for you.

Google AdWords sounds pretty good, so what are the cons?


Google AdWords Cons

Pricing variation: The more competition you have, the more people are going to be using the same keywords. As a result, the price of those keywords will increase. This specific item should not be a complete deterrent, since you only pay when a person clicks on the ad. Meaning, if you’re selling the newest tech gadget on the market, the investment might still be worth it.

Learning curve: This isn’t the type of ad that you draft and you’re done. Remember those keywords in the point above? To maximize performance, you must know which words perform the best. If you want to be at the very top of a Google search, you need to make your ad as specific and narrowly tailored as possible. What would your target market search for when researching your product? Include those words in the ad. If you’re an SEO expert, you’re probably good to go. If not, get ready to learn as you go.

It might not be cost effective: Just because someone is clicking on your ad, doesn’t mean they’re going to actually make a purchase from you. Most people compare prices from different sources before making up their minds. This means several clicks for a single purchase.


To know whether Google AdWords is right for you, ROI should be your main priority. This is where marketing experts come in. If you’re in the technology business, Marketing Matters can help you get where you need to go.

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