First CEDIA EXPO a Powerful Sight to Behold

First CEDIA EXPO a Powerful Sight to Behold

As the newest Marketing Matters team member to attend a CEDIA EXPO, my goal for the 2012 event was to go in with a fresh perspective and explore the possibilities of what the trade show could offer. To my delight, what I experienced was a diverse and passionate gathering of some of the most technically knowledgeable, driven industry experts.

Considering my previous acquaintance with the trade show experience in other industries, I must admit that I did anticipate the long show hours. The tired feet and other perils of traveling took their toll, quite thankfully, to a somewhat lesser extent than they might have. This preservation of energy was due in large part to the mental preparation and tidbits of advice offered by my experienced colleagues. Breath mints? Check! Comfortable shoes? Double-check!

As coincidence would have it, Marketing Matters was also fortunate enough to be promoting a number of new product launches and even new company launches. I had the distinction of sharing my first CEDIA EXPO with products that won well deserved honors: the CE Pro BEST Award and the Custom Retailer Magazine EXC!TE Award. Understandably, as helpful and inquisitive as I strived to be on the show floor, I personally didn’t win any awards for it.

All things considered, CEDIA EXPO 2012 was a fantastic inauguration into the electronics installation show world based on the valuable information shared with attendees:

  1. As a blooming industry professional, I learned why it is valuable to take every product demonstration that you possibly can.
    • Taking the time to find out about start-up companies revealed new trends in concepts related to the electronics industry, such as design aesthetics and interactivity in AudioXperts 4TV sound consoles or the environmental considerations and power handling for RoseWater Energy Group’s Residential Energy Storage Hub.
  2. Familiarize yourself with product innovations that you are most excited about and let that enthusiasm be the driving force that pushes you to seek inter-related concepts in other product categories.
    • For example, the incredible levels of home automation possibilities demonstrated by Clare Controls are taken to the next logical level with their new ClareHome app, which tailors control to the person rather than the room opening up new possibilities for wireless interactivity and sound amplification.
  3. Developing a big picture vision of whole home design and installation is a considerable benefit to see the industry from an integrator’s perspective.
    • Display Development demonstrated in-wall technology that produces peak performance visual imaging in a way that influences cooling systems, lighting considerations, distortion correction technology and a whole host of other concepts in a very promising way.

What exciting things did you see at the show?

Marketing Matters thanks all of the clients that allowed us the opportunity to help make this event a success for their teams.


Bedrock Learning


Clare Controls

Display Development

DPL Labs

Energy Squad


Metra Home Theater Group

Rosewater Energy Group


Eric Lachs is the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Marketing Matters (, a communications and design firm specializing in technology, consumer and custom electronics, audio-video and related industries.

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