Father’s Day Tech 2018

Father’s Day Tech 2018

Father’s Day Tech Gifts

Let me fill you in on a little secret- Dad does not want, or even need, any more neck ties or dress socks. He’s good. Thinking about maybe a cool coffee mug instead? Stop it.  There is no such thing.

Dad wants to be the coolest on the block. The hippest. He wants to understand what it means to “get lit”, and you want him to stop saying it when he turns on the barbeque or busts out some candles.

Let’s bring dad into the 21st century with some awesome tech gifts instead of trying to get him to use the vernacular properly.

All the dad jokes in the world can’t make these gifts uncool.

WakaWaka Power+
If your dad likes to be prepared, he’ll love this solar-powered hub that doubles as a flashlight. When the battery is full, it can run the flashlight for 200 hours or charge your phone 1-1/2 times. It’s made with 100% recycled plastic and comes in either yellow or black. As an added bonus, WakaWaka donates a solar light to a family living without electricity for every purchase made. Retail is $70 and it’s available at https://us.waka-waka.com or Amazon.

AeroPress Portable Coffee and Espresso Maker
Is your dad a coffee lover?  This innovative coffee maker has thousands of rave reviews for its ability to brew the perfect americano or espresso in 30 seconds. Easier and more reliable than a French press, it uses air pressure to press boiling water through coffee grounds and straight into your cup. Cleanup takes about a minute, and the durable pieces store neatly in a travel bag, making the AeroPress the perfect camping, travel or hurricane survival gadget. Available on Amazon for $32.

Engel AC/DC Platinum Fridge-Freezer MT45F-U1
If your dad loves to tailgate, venture into the back country or go out on the high seas, he’ll love this exciting new fridge/freezer from Engel Coolers.  It has an ample 43-quart capacity, thermostatically controlled fan, efficient operation and rugged durability to make this a top choice.  It runs on 12V/24V DC battery power or 110V AC power with both cords provided and an automatic voltage selector. The highly efficient Engel Swing motor only draws 1-2 amps/hour – about 40% less than a typical compressor.  Optional accessories and the fridge/freezer are available at www.engelcoolers.com for $950.

Chromecast Audio
Does dad still have that old stereo that isn’t compatible with all this newfangled streaming tech or is he fed up with leaving his phone tethered to an auxiliary port?  Then, Chromecast Audio is the perfect gift for him.  Just plug it into that auxiliary port on the receiver and connect it to your Wi-Fi network.  Once setup, dad can sling audio to the speakers from just about any app on his phone.  Available at Amazon or Best Buy for $25.

Oculus Rift
If dad is truly a tech geek with gaming running through his bloodstream, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and Touch System will be his Best. Gift. Ever. Rift supports full virtual environments in 360 degrees. A moderately updated PC with a NVIDA GTX graphics card will run the Oculus software for the ultimate immersive experience.  The Rift headset and Touch System comes with six free titles and runs $399 on Amazon or www.oculus.com.

Pulomi TT Easy Trans Smart Language Translator
For Dads that travel internationally, this cool gadget is a must have. Dad can simply speak into the device and it will speak his words translated into one of 52 languages audibly as well as translating into text on his phone. It’s also a great tool to polish up on your Afrikaans, Chinese or just about any language. Get it on Amazon for $119.

Aura Quartz Smart Frame
Give dad a place to display all those photos he takes on his phone with Aura’s smart Quartz picture frame. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and the device makes it easy to add the photos from one of your epic trips together to the frame via the Aura app.  Bonus – he can load as many pictures as he wants. It’s a well-designed frame that will fit nicely on his desk.  Dad doesn’t need to be tech expert to use this! Available at www.auraframes.com for $399.

LogiTech Keys-to-Go
Pair Logitech’s Bluetooth keyboard with the smartphone stand that comes with it and dad can fire off emails or do a little work when he’s outside the office. At less then a quarter inch thick, the keyboard is easy to carry around and comes with a protective cover to keep it safe from dirt, crumbs and spills.  It comes in four colors with either iOS or PC shortcut keys. You can get it at https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/keys-to-go?crid=1221&cvosrc=affiliate.cj.7118305  for $70.

Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder
Bringing laser and GPS technologies together, this premium golf measuring device is the choice for over 97% of the PGA Tour players due to its unrivaled precision.  It provides both the laser and GPS yardages to take the guesswork out of Dad’s game.  The scope offers 5X magnification and claims distance-measuring accuracy within one yard.  It’s also waterproof and comes preloaded with information on 36,000 courses.  If Dad needs an edge on his game, this is the gift to provide it.  Available at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon for $400.

Packtalk Bold
Weekend rides on the Harley become a whole lot safer when dad has the ability to communicate clearly with his fellow riders. The Packtalk Bold can connect up to 15 people – even those with other comm systems.  It has a max range of nearly one mile and comes with a host of perks like the ability to play music and make hands-free phone calls. Plus, the volume automatically adjusts to the environment.  Get it at for $330 for one or a duo for $580. https://www.cardosystems.com/products/devices/packtalk-bold/

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