How to Create a Compelling Pitch

How to Create a Compelling Pitch


Tell me about your pitch. Don’t take any time to think about it. Just tell me, without hesitating. Can you do that, or do you need a moment to look up, regroup, and come up with something brilliant on the spot?

The reality is that while you sometimes do have the time to draft and rehearse a brilliant presentation before a meeting with investors, many business deals are done at networking events and parties; so it would make sense for you to be ready at all times. So, what can you do to be ready at a moment’s notice?


  1. Have a clear message: Have you ever visited a website and weren’t sure what the business is selling or what they can do for you? People should be able to know exactly how you can help them. If you focus on how great you are, your education, your accolades, all of the awards that you’ve won, you might get a diplomatic pat on the back and a “Don’t call us. We’ll call you,”


  1. Be concise: Do you like it when people tell you long stories about their lives or about their jobs? Investors and potential clients don’t like it either. Time is money, and in the age of social media, people have the attention span of a gnat. So have a summary that gets right to the point. Leave the verbose poetry for someone who loves you.


  1. Have a niche: Who’s your perfect target market? Don’t say “everyone”, because that’s not true. Even when you create an online dating profile, you narrow down your choices to those you find the most desirable. Same happens when you look at a menu at a restaurant. So don’t think you are the Holy Grail of all products, because you’re not. Besides, chances are that either not everyone can afford what you’re selling, or some of the people who could benefit from what you have to offer are already loyal to other brands. So what makes you the perfect fit for a specific group? And who’s that specific group? Flesh it out and focus all your efforts on them.


  1. Don’t try to get too creative with your job title: We get it. You like to impress people. Everyone does. However, sane humans prefer to call a spade a spade. If you’re a short order cook, don’t say that you’re the creator of easy to make culinary creations for people who like to eat on the go. Say you’re a short order cook. Otherwise, you’ll just come off as desperate and obnoxious, and nobody wants to invest any money on that.

In the words of public speaker and business coach Topher Morrison, you get what you pitch for, and you’re always pitching. So get with the program and get this right.

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