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Future Ready Solutions: E-Commerce Website

Future Ready Solutions is a leading distributor of connectivity products focused on preparing for the future of data including HDMI over Fiber and IP, with full 18Gb bandwidth. Before engaging with Marketing Matters’ website team, FRS had done all sales and nearly all processes outside of the website, largely by telephone or email.

The initial investment into the site began in Jan. 2015, and initial programming ended in April 2015. This provided a fully e-commerce website with all brands/products and information entered, as well as an automated system tying into their sales processes.

This was just the beginning. Initially a monthly health maintenance plan of $250 was enacted to ensure the health and data remained secure. As sales increased, as well as customer feedback, FRS continued adding more functionality on the front and back ends of the site, keeping the website fresh and providing the best customer user experience possible.

Eventually, all the resources were brought into the website and continue to be added. Previous to the website, many of these forms were filled out by hand or PDF form and had to be requested.

Marketing Matters provided several major tasks, with more added each week.

  • Dealer Pricing Functionality – More and more tiered pricing programs were enacted as the customer base grew. This also reaped the added benefit of increasing sales offering a refined customer pricing structure. And with so many products with various levels of pricing per brand, this process had to be setup and automated to make it usable.
  • Future Ready Rewards Program – By increasing customer loyalty with a rewards program, sales increased again as well as customer loyalty. If you did more business, FRS would give you better pricing. The investment paid off.
  • “Your Favorites” and Fast Order Form – A new section of the website was created to offer returning customers a faster way to process their common orders, increasing ease of use, loyalty and ultimately sales.
  • Online Training and Product Docs and Video Library – With such a specific set of products, online courses were added to the site to train customers on new product.

In all, FRS has invested over the past 3 years since the initial build and reaped great gains. They now own a very intricate and user friendly website that garners higher customer loyalty, streamlined processes, and ultimately increased the bottom line.


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