Writing An Effective About Us Page in Your Consumer Technology Website

Writing An Effective About Us Page in Your Consumer Technology Website

One of the most common oversights we see on consumer technology websites especially in small to medium businesses is not making the most of their About Us page. This is a huge mistake because the About Us page on your website is the third most visited webpage after the homepage and contact page. It’s where visitors turn to answer the question: Can I trust this company?

Your About Us page should be all about showcasing credibility. It can serve as that last push to convince someone to do business with you, position you as an industry leader, and communicate your company’s values.

A thoughtful About Us page will tell your story (and every company should have one), showcase your achievements, and introduce your key players. Here are a few elements that you?ll want to include in your About Us page.

Your story

As we discussed in this blog post, companies are turning to the power of storytelling to rise above the competition. To do this correctly, you must ask the right questions, put some effort into it, and relate to your audience.

This is the place to go beyond business talk and industry buzzwords. Tell your audience why you started the company, what makes your company special, what you care about, and the unique circumstances that shaped your company into what it is today.

Your Most Impressive Clients

There’s nothing truer than a man is known by the company he keeps. Website visitors want to know who you work with and how your products or services have contributed to their success.

If you’ve worked with recognized industry leaders, the simplest thing you could do is ask their permission to place their logo on your About Us page. To step it up a notch, ask them for a testimonial on why they would recommend you.

Your Key Players

Putting a face behind your story makes your company more personable. Listing your staff’s accomplishments and experience will also let your visitors know that you mean business and have the chops to provide the results they are seeking.

Make sure that this section reflects your company’s voice. You can be light and personable by including personal hobbies or quotes or make it funny. Be sure your company’s personality is reflected.

Awards & Associations

Are you a top vendor in your area? Member of an association? Has your company or product been named as a leader in your industry? Make sure to include this in your About Us page. Nothing will give you more credibility than being recognized by your peers or industry.

You’ll want to follow the communication guidelines for each award and/or association, some are pretty strict on how you should communicate your participation. The details matter.

Media Coverage

There’s a very true saying in PR that goes: You know what’s better than you saying how good you are? Having the media say how good you are. Media has inherent credibility that is difficult to replicate in any other way.

If your company has appeared in media photos, articles, interviews, or listings, make sure to include these links in your About Us page as well. It not only helps build credibility, but it will also help your search engine rankings.

One final word, be mindful of how you design this page, don’t just throw everything in and hope that someone will read it. If you include all the sections we are suggesting, it can be a lot of information to process. By working with an experienced designer or a pre-made About Us page template, you can make sure that all your information is presented in an effective manner.

Are you ready to make the most out of your About Us page? If you need any guidance, we’re just an email away!

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