Why We Love Mailchimp

Why We Love Mailchimp

All different kinds of businesses use online email marketing platforms: bloggers, freelancers, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and many other groups. Even with the rise of social media, email marketing still has yet to be dethroned as the most efficient and effective way to keep your customers up-to-date and coming back to make more purchases. However, as a 2020 survey recently revealed, Mailchimp holds an outstanding 60 percent of this market. One must wonder what the secret behind their success must be, to have such a large majority of the email market in their pocket.

Why is Mailchimp so Popular?

Founded in 2001, Mailchimp has its mission rooted in empowering the underdog. Founders Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius originally started out in web design, working closely with small businesses to help them build sites that would drive sales and bring customers back time and time again. By 2007, they had realized a passion for marketing work – for which email was the lion share.

Mailchimp focuses on the simplicity that an effective marketing email should have. Their user dashboards and email creation portal mimic this feeling; everything is simple, streamlined, and easy to understand. This is one of the features that make Mailchimp so lovable – it’s easy to use.

“Free” Gets You a Lot

Far too often, companies claim that they have a “free version” of their main software package or online tool when it’s actually more like a very limited demo. Twenty years ago, demos were a useful way to get someone to try a limited version of your program; however, times have changed and the public’s expectations have evolved. A more popular and respected business model involves a truly “free” experience that the smallest of customers can actually work into the scope of their business.

Luckily for Mailchimp, businesses tend to grow – as do their email lists. This creates a prime opportunity to set a moderate ceiling for the “free” users, and prompt larger clients to upgrade once they reach the said ceiling. Another example of this in the online service sphere is that of cloud storage and backup management. By giving users a set amount of space to steward wisely, it is likely that they will choose to upgrade their storage amount.

Offering a basic, useful, “free” product also lures customers in and allows clients to become familiar with your brand, the functionality of your product, and gain some experience with support. The generosity of the basic product ensures that your customers are spending more time interacting with your product as they grow beyond the basic requirements. Naturally, once these clients require a larger contact list, they will be more likely to upgrade with your service than a competitor.

Making the Most of Your Emails

Mailchimp is also unique in that it houses unique analytics tools as your customers respond to your email campaigns. You can see live feedback, such as which emails were opened, who clicked links, and how effectively your email drove sales. You can – and should – use this information when you start to develop new campaigns.

It doesn’t seem that Mailchimp is slowing down any time soon; they’ve captured the market by storm, and it’s unlikely that businesses or personal users will be jumping ship any time soon. This company is a true poster child for how effectively a “free” base product can promote your business. As long as you can keep solid reviews for your free product, it will continue to lure customers into trying out your service; once they fall in love, they’ll be willing to upgrade when the time comes.

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