Video: The New King of Content for the Consumer Technology Industry

Video: The New King of Content for the Consumer Technology Industry

Our president Coleen Sterns Leigh likes to say: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a consumer technology product video could very well be worth a thousand sales! And she’s not exaggerating. While blog posts catapulted content to a starring role in the marketing world, video is now taking over as a fresh, visually engaging, and easier-to-consume alternative. In fact, video accounts for over 70 percent of Google search results.

And while you can find short-form videos on YouTube for whatever topic makes your heart content (no one is judging your cat video loving ways), when it comes to business, video is a content format you just can?t ignore. People are 64-85 percent more inclined to purchase after watching a good product video.

On top of that, as mobile overtakes traditional desktops as the top device to access the Internet, over 50% of videos are consumed while on the go. This is not surprising due to video?s ease to consume and people?s shortening attention spans. I mean, some videos don?t even have to be watched; you can simply play them on the background and listen while you drive, work or engage in other activities.

To get started in the video world, here are a few effective videos you can include in your arsenal to increase your product exposure and sales.

Types of Product Videos for Consumer Technology

Promo videos

A promo video presents product benefits and features. It?s basically a short snapshot to familiarize your audience with what your product can do for them.

There are so many ways to approach a promo video that it?s easy to get sidetracked with creative scripts and fancy graphics, but it?s important to keep your mind in focus: Your promo video is a sales support tool. If you walk away without understanding how the product will make your life better, the video isn?t effective.

Keep it short ? under a minute ideally ? and make sure that the message is clear, concise and visually engaging. Eliminate anything that doesn?t add value to your ultimate goal and make sure to close it by inciting the next step. That could mean presenting contact info, including an offer or a call to action that makes people want to know more.

Instructional videos

Instructional videos, such as installation or troubleshooting videos, are an effective tool to facilitate these tasks and can even help you save money on customer support. By giving your customers a ?do it yourself? tool, you not only empower them to resolve their own issues before contacting you, but also show them you care by providing an easy and fast tool that?s at their fingertips 24/7.

Instructional videos should be very simple. You do not have to invest in complex productions or even a professional crew. Some can even be shot with your cell phone or by recording your computer screen (depending on the type of product, of course).

A good instructional video has a clear purpose. It helps you solve a very specific problem. Don?t try to include a full FAQ in one video, no one is going to suffer through it. Make short videos of each issue and post them on your YouTube channel. You can then embed the videos on your website, include them in your installation kit (by email or printed) and they can even bring you new business as could get tons of views from Google search if you are troubleshooting a common issue and use the right keywords.

Content Videos

Content videos are a bit different than promo or instructional videos. While content videos can include promotions and/or instructions, the purpose of a content video is to serve your community.

How? Think about the larger-scale your community faces that are related to your industry. Don?t focus specifically on your products, but more on how you can provide a service to facilitate your audiences? lives.

Good content videos can be driven by storytelling, interviews with subject-matter experts, or even graphics with a voiceover or music. This is the place to get more creative. Think about the most attractive way you can get your message across in an engaging fashion and don?t be afraid to have some fun or use humor.

Stay tuned for part two of the most effective videos you can produce for your company.

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