Two More B2B Marketing Strategies for AV Integrators

Two More B2B Marketing Strategies for AV Integrators

In our last blog post, we shared two B2B marketing strategies that AV integrators can look into to up their marketing game in 2020. Today, we are sharing two more strategies to consider in the new year.

Exploiting Social Media for Lead Gen

Many B2B professionals, including AV integrators, aren’t exploiting social media as much as they could be maybe because they associate it with people’s personal lives. The truth, however, is that everyone is on social, and they’re doing business on it as well. It’s time to get onboard.

The very basic is to have a social media profile wherever your customers are. One that you keep updated with interesting company announcements and offers, industry news and a bit of personality. From there, you can consider advertising, working with influencers…

On what social platform should you focus your efforts? Here are our suggestions:

  • Facebook – Literally, everyone and their grandmother is on Facebook. So why not start there? Many companies have business profiles, start interacting with those, but not in a pushy sort of way. Focus on providing value.
  • LinkedIn – The professional social media platform of choice is a great place to develop key business contacts and interact at a professional level.
  • Twitter – A great place to keep up with industry news. Make sure to take advantage of the power of hashtags on Twitter, you can find relevant news, but also interesting people that are talking about the topics that matter to you there.
  • Instagram – A purely visual site, Instagram is the best platform to show off your creativity. This is a great place to show off event photos and videos.

For more on what you could do PR-wise on social media, check out our recent blog post.

Incorporating Chatbots Into Your Strategy

According to Forbes, “Imagine using Facebook Messenger to book demos, resolve customer service issues and, of course, discover new leads. In short, custom-made chatbots present a whole new world of opportunities for B2B brands.”

Customers are getting used to interacting with chatbots more and more, why not take advantage of it? It’s simple. You teach your chatbot to interact with potential customers based on templates that take into account the most common questions and answers that could come their way. Chatbots are a great strategy to cut your personnel expenses.

According to the Forbes article, research predicts that businesses will invest $400 million in chatbots in 2021, while a Business Insider report shares that 80% of enterprises will want personalized chatbots by 2020, saving them up to $38 billion in the process.

More and more the lines between B2B and B2C marketing are becoming blurred, and this is because in the end we are people connecting with people, no matter what we are trying to sell. Remember that when you’re developing all your marketing and PR efforts.

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