TRXio Launches Transshipping Solution for AV Manufacturers

TRXio Launches Transshipping Solution for AV Manufacturers

Manufacturers can track assets in real-time from virtually anywhere

LITTLETON, ColoAugust 15, 2016 —TRXio, an inventory management service powered by Cairnstack Software LLC. that’s specifically designed for the AV industry, announces their asset-tracking solution for AV manufacturers. This new to the CE channel system allows them to track their products during their entire lifecycle, from warehouses to retailers and customers worldwide.

Many manufacturers within the AV industry continue to struggle with the problem of being able to track products through their entire lifecycle. Once an item leaves the manufacturer, it can be
difficult, if not impossible, to track an item through shipping to a distributor and then from one
retailer to another or to a customer. The root of manufacturers tracking problems lies within the different software systems utilized by individual distributors or retailers, or the expense of an all-encompassing
software system. Being able to track each individual item through its lifecycle allows the
manufacturer to gather detailed information regarding distribution, sales, installation, and
warranty repair that could help them make more informed business decisions – and eliminate transshipping and inventory shrinkage issues that may arise.

TRXio’s new manufacturer software, TRXmfg, utilizes a special QR code, known as LiveQR, to label each individual item with a sticker that provides a unique identifier. A LiveQR code provides users with the ability to easily increase and extend the information collected, recorded and returned to the reader at any scan, even after the item with the LiveQR code has been distributed. QR codes carry more information than a bar code, allowing manufacturers to link each item to a web page designed to track the products through their lifecycle. Codes can be scanned using any common web enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet, allowing people anywhere in a supply chain to access and update detailed information associated with a specific product or asset’s lifecycle. An entire database with product tracking is available instantly through TRXio’s cloud-based system, allowing users to easily obtain or update information. Knowing the entire history of a product’s journey enables TRXmfg’s LiveQR traceability and product management platform users to control costs, view distribution channels and boost dealer, customer and overall brand confidence.

“We’re thrilled to launch TRXio’s asset tracking software for manufacturers, vendors and suppliers,” said Reid Hanson, founder and chief executive officer for TRXio, “We share a passion for AV, which is why we’ve created this powerful tool for manufacturers to manage their brand, inventory and sales channels. If used regularly, our software pays for itself with the recovery of hidden profits. We invite those attending CEDIA 2016 to visit us at the show and check out both the manufacturer and integrator solutions we provide.”

Visit TRXio at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas, Texas from September 15- 17, 2016 in booth #1316. Keep up with the latest news by connecting with TRXio on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information on TRXio, visit
About TRXio, powered by Cairnstack Software:
TRXio is the only inventory management and asset tracking service specifically designed for the AV industry. For integrators, TRXio provides the ability to accurately invoice all materials used on a job. For suppliers and manufacturers, TRXio eliminates transshipping and inventory shrinkage. TRXio provides flawless, end-to-end, real-time tracking and management of the entire inventory with integration with many popular software solutions. Delivering real inventory enlightenment, cloud-based TRXio helps cut costs, recover hidden profits, and helps users stay informed as they track and manage inventory and assets through every stage of business. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Morgan Roush, Public Relations Manager
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