Top 5 Free SEO Tools Pro and Residential AV Manufacturers Should Be Using

Top 5 Free SEO Tools Pro and Residential AV Manufacturers Should Be Using

Pro and residential AV manufacturers absolutely need to be using at least one SEO tool to help manage their websites. They will help your business be more self-aware and in tune with your marketing strategies. There are several different types of free SEO tools, and all of them have their own uses: analytics tools, crawling and indexing tools, keyword searching tools, backlink tools, local-specific SEO tools, page speed tools, and mobile SEO tools. Free SEO tools tend to be more targeted, but you may find one that suits all of your current needs in our list:

Tool #1: Ubersuggest

Created by Neil Patel, arguably one of the most well-known SEO experts on the planet, Ubersuggest is one of those all-in-one tools that’s hard to beat. This tool has standard SEO and local SEO checks that rate your site on a scale of 100. It also features keyword research tools, backlink searches, and competition analysis – all for free.

Tool #2: Answer the Public

If you need to know what your customers are wondering about any given topic (hint: develop blog posts that answer these questions), this is the tool for you. A quick search will give you more information than you could ever need to hone in and create content that answers your target audience’s unique queries. This is one of the best free SEO tools you can use to come up with topics for website content.

Tool #3: BeamUsUp

If you just need a simple, desktop client to check your site’s SEO health, this free SEO tool is perfect for you. It runs on java and scans your site (unlimited crawls) incredibly fast, spitting out SEO errors, warnings, and notifications with detail that’s easy to decipher. While this tool isn’t as all-encompassing or versatile as others, it does what it says incredibly well.

Tool #4: Bing Webmaster Tools and Microsoft Clarity

Google tends to take up the lion’s share of the “analytics” market with Google Analytics, but Bing also has its own outstanding SEO tool. Since Google isn’t the only search engine out there you should definitely be keeping an eye on the others, too.

We’ve included Microsoft’s beta project, Clarity, here due to its ability to track how visitors are using your site. Clarity will record click sessions (and censor out any personal information) so that you can view the customer’s path through your site. Clarity can also give you great insight into how your pages are loading in real-time. Also, it’s just fun to see people wiggle the cursor when things load too slowly for them. If you choose to use Clarity for your site, make sure your terms of conditions and privacy policy are up to snuff.

Tool #5: Google Search Console

Since the majority of web users have a google search bar right on their home screen, it would be silly to not include Google’s flagship SEO tool in this list. Google Search Console (GSC) is a behemoth that pretty accurately reports data for your website just like the search engine itself does. With GSC, you can track your best-performing keywords, track impression to click ratios, check views by device, and so much more. We also recommend Pagespeed Insights (also by Google) to help you optimize your site for speed and ease of use.

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