Tips for a Simple Website Design and Navigation

Tips for a Simple Website Design and Navigation

You know the drill: You’re scrolling through social media to see what your friends and business contacts have been up to while you enjoy a cup of coffee (if you don’t have enough time to do this, then take a break. The world won’t collapse. I promise).

You see an article that grabs your attention, you click on the link… and instead of reading what you want to read, you’re bombarded with pop up ads. When you finally manage to x out of all of them, the article requires that you keep clicking on arrows to read the whole thing. You then want to check out a business that’s being advertised, but it has so many drop down menus and tabs, you’re overwhelmed and exit the page.

Sound familiar? Make sure the same thing is not happening with your business website.

What can you do to make it simple?

For starters, when a person comes to your website, they have to know, without a doubt, exactly what your business is about and what you can offer them. If a visitor has to guess, your website is poorly designed.

Also, carefully design your navigation menus. These should be intuitive. When building your website, outline them in a way that makes sense. Organize them in such a way that when the person comes to your website, they’re not overwhelmed with too many options. Have the big obvious ones right on your homepage, and the subgroups within those tabs.

Pay attention to wording in navigation menus: They’ll help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Before you buy, you research a product, right? And we typically do so by doing online searches. You want to make sure your own business pops up.

When outlining your content, make sure you’re using customer focused language. Don’t make your accomplishments the focus of your website. Yes, it’s good to list what makes you qualified to help someone, but focus on how you can solve their needs. Then draft copy that gets straight to the point.

Your product or service works because it fills a specific need. Just tell people what it is you provide and let them add the bells and whistles when they give you reviews. Your products will be so much more convincing that way.

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