TiO® Highlights New Home Automation Innovation at CEDIA EXPO 2015

TiO® Highlights New Home Automation Innovation at CEDIA EXPO 2015

TiO Turns it On with a Year of the Latest Technology and Home Integration

MELBOURNE, Fla. – September 16, 2015 – Anuva Automation, the Florida-based manufacturer of TiO® (Turn it On) brand automation products, has been hard at work over the last year bringing more products and further product advancements to their ‘keep it simple’ brand approach. Anuva Automation is highlighting all of these updates as they prepare for CEDIA EXPO 2015 in Dallas, Texas.

Since last year’s CEDIA EXPO, TiO has introduced several new products to their lineup, further expanding the capabilities of the TiO system, including Master Coordinator 2 (MC2), TouchStream 7 (AZTS7), TouchLite 4 (TL4), Metric TouchLite 4 (MTL4), Lamp Dimmers LMPNA (for North America), LMPM (International Lamp Dimmers) and TiOConnect (a suite of products for third party integration), as well as scores of software and user interface enhancements.

The TL4 load-agnostic dimming lighting control allows users to control and program their home lighting, no matter what kind of bulbs they use. TiO also created a European form of the TL4, known as the MTL4 that is perfect for international installations requiring 220V and metric wall boxes. The LMPNA and LMPM provide the same lighting control functionality in a plug-it-in-the-wall module. The AZTS7 is a 7” high resolution touchscreen user interface with all the features of a StealthStream1 (such as embedded music streaming services, 100W hi res audio amplifier, line level audio output, digital audio input with auto A/B switching, StreamShare, Clone and Shadow capabilities, and more). The MC2 replaces the previous MC1 with four times the memory and processing power to support the growth of the TiO ecosystem for the future.

The award winning TiO Home app has seen major improvements in the last year and now works on both Android and Apple tablets. TiO Pro, the software used by installation professionals to configure TiO, is hidden inside the TiO Home App for Android and has also seen major improvements. The addition of network signal strength meters, software revision levels, and other system diagnostics tools simplifies the TiO set up process. TiO Home is a free download from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

However, TiOConnect may be the biggest product announcement of the last year. TiOConnect is the foundation of the Internet of HomeTM, and is the key to seamless integration of outside systems into the TiO ecosystem. Consisting of only five products, TiO has demystified third party system integration. First, choose a TiOConnect interface: TCIP or TCWiFi (the only decision is wired or wireless connection to the network). Then choose from one of three adapter cables: Serial control (TSER1), Contact Closure (TCC2), or IR (TIR3). For security panels, TiO has made serial integration even easier by providing the TiOConnect security keypad emulator, the TCSEC – a true plug and play solution for security system control. Once installed, the TiOConnect Elements automatically appear in the TiO Pro app. Simply choose a device from the continuously updated list of thousands of devices sorted by type, brand, product and model number, and it just works. The connected device is now controlled from the TiO Home app and any TiOConnect device can be included in TiO Moods and Experiences. For home theater systems, creating startup sequences is as easy as dragging the commands into the proper sequence in the wizard right on the tablet.

The first TiOConnect IP control device to be added was the Nest thermostat. TiO is a ‘Works with Nest’ partner and the Nest control is native to the MC2. That is, it just works and no additional hardware is required. Other IP devices can be controlled over the TiO network via TIPIO, a TiO IP control device license. Simply enter the license number into the App, then select the device to be controlled from the list. IP controllable devices include cameras, AV Receivers, TVs and peripheral devices.

“TiO is committed to providing the most technically advanced yet simple to use automation products on the market,” said Vinu Patel, CEO of Anuva Automation. “While TiO is just a piece of Anuva Automation, TiO is an integral part of our brand. We’re excited to showcase the latest year of innovation at TiO during the CEDIA EXPO.”

“Over the last year, we have been working hard to provide our dealers and end users with the highest level of innovation and convenience,” said Mike Anderson, president of Anuva Automation. “We’re thrilled to be at CEDIA EXPO to show the significant improvements that TiO has made in both hardware and software over the past year. The recent TiOConnect launch opens connectivity to an almost infinite number of devices and this is just the beginning.  If you don’t know TiO, now is the time to get introduced.”

In addition to the product updates this year, TiO launched their technical support department with the hiring of Neil Grosse. Neil will be expanding the department with the addition of even more people in the coming months.

TiO has implemented a unique approach to installer training. Installers going to TiO’s online “Dojo” will discover eight levels of Ninja training with a corresponding colored belt. Beginning with the entry level White Belt and culminating in the master level Black Belt, aspiring Ninjas can learn TiO at their convenience with no cost. Each level rewards the installer not only with useful knowledge about TiO and general industry items, but also provides recognition and financial rewards as well. Every TiO Ninja Black Belt will receive a free TiO system and a trip to CEDIA EXPO to attend a recognition dinner.

TiO will continue to be enhanced and improved with the addition of the TouchStream 4, mobile phone app support, remote system access, and continual additions to the list of products supported via IP, serial, IR and contact closure. There are even a few more exciting new products on the roadmap.

For more information about TiO home automation products or becoming a dealer, visit www.tiohome.com. Visit TiO in Booth #1718 at the CEDIA Expo in Dallas, Texas from October 15th to 17th.

About TiO®

TiO, the automation brand that lets users Turn it On with ease, provides “Sophisticated Simplicity” through their unique approach to automation and control systems. Manufactured by Anuva Automation, TiO products are made in the USA and sold exclusively through authorized installing dealers. TiO is engineered to provide flexibility, ease of installation and configuration, and scalability that accommodates a variety of residential and commercial applications. The Anuva family of companies started in 2008 and specialize in design to completion. For more information, visit www.tiohome.com or www.anuva.com.

About Anuva

Anuva is a “Design to Distribution” family of businesses founded by CEO Vinu Patel and headquartered in Melbourne, Florida. Anuva takes on the increasingly challenging world of electronics by battling time and cost pressures with innovative thinking, technical expertise and decades of industry experience. Anuva prides itself on providing comprehensive services including domestic electronic engineering, design, manufacturing, repair and logistics. Anuva is a US-owned and operated company with a mission to provide a total solution for our clients and employ domestically while making a global contribution. In August 2014 Anuva Automation announced the acquisition of the TiO brand of building automation products. Anuva Automation, through a partnership with AS 9100-certified Anuva Manufacturing in Melbourne, Fla., will be building all of the TiO products in the USA. The talented engineering team at Anuva Innovations, in Morrisville, NC, is led by President Sanjay Patel, and develops hardware, software and technology for TiO. Anuva Innovations is ISO 13485 certified.

To find out more about Anuva’s capabilities, please visit 

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