TiO Enhances and Streamlines Home Automation with its Latest Innovative Developments

TiO Enhances and Streamlines Home Automation with its Latest Innovative Developments

New Features Provide Increased Flexibility, Ease and Savings


MELBOURNE, Fla. – August 30, 2016 – Anuva Automation, the Florida-based manufacturer of TiO® (Turn it On) brand of common-sense home automation products, announces their latest innovative developments with software update 4.0.0 and the TouchLite4.

TiO 4.0.0 – a high-level software update that includes “Remote Access” and revolutionary “Stand Alone Mode” for audio components with TiO’s StealthStream1. Remote Access provides TiO customers the ability to access their TiO systems from anywhere and be able to control basic functions, such as lighting, climate, security, garage doors and more. Remote access not only requires a simple sign up to active an account, but the pricing is also simple as TiO does not charge for remote access capabilities. The StealthStream (SS1), TiO’s versatile and powerful audio zone player, provides users with easy access to many popular digital music services and Bluetooth. With TiO 4.0.0, users can opt to use Stand Alone Mode while utilizing their SS1. TiO’s Stand Alone Mode offers the most streamlined automation for audio components. The new software allows up to three SS1 devices – wired or wireless speakers – to be fully supported in Stand Alone Mode. Featuring the A/B switch via optical and providing the same music services that TiO connected version users have come to enjoy, Stand Alone Mode also supports stream share and automatically applies updates.

In addition to the new Stand Alone technology, TiO’s updated software version 4.0.0 adds additional shade control, including open, close and stop action, from a TL4, over-the-air updates for the TCWIFI and TCIP devices, and the ability to hide TL4s from the control screen that are not connected to a physical load. 4.0.0 software release is scheduled for the week of September 19th.

TouchLite 4 (TL4) Gen 2 upgrade is on the signature load agnostic touchpad controller that’s both elegant and functional with adaptable touch sensitive buttons and simple custom labeling. As a result of intelligent design, TiO was able to reengineer the TouchLite 4 in a more robust and an economical way, in which the company plans to pass those savings to customers. The TL4, provides maximum flexibility as it can be configured with one, two, or four buttons right from the TiO Home App. The new product also features LED light bars, which separate the buttons and brighten once a user presses the button creating an ease of functionality and sophisticated appearance.

Each of these buttons can be assigned to any TiO system function for control – Moods, Experiences, audio, security, multiple loads and more. Because the TL4 is load agnostic, it will control virtually any kind of load – incandescent, tungsten, LED, CFL, MLV, ELV, cold-cathode, etc. – even controlling multiple types on the same circuit at the same time. The TL4 will also control motors, fans and more. TiO’s wireless ecosystem provides the unique ability to start small and build a lighting system as customized to a user’s need with no penalties. The TiO TL4 is the ideal choice to update a single fixture, add a few more rooms of lighting control, or just update existing configurations. With TiO, users simply launch the TiO Home app, perform changes and move on.

Along with the TL4 an auxiliary switch has been developed, which was designed to more economically handle three, four and five-way switching and featuring basic on, off, and dim functions to provide customers with options for installation.

TiO will present two CEDIA manufacturer product trainings, one on Thursday, September 15th at 3:30 p.m. and the second on Saturday, September 17th at 12:30 p.m. TiO invites CEDIA attendees to participate in a MPT to learn more about TiO’s unique approach to robust automation and control systems. To register, visit CEDIA’s registration portal.

Visit TiO in booth #2919 at CEDIA in Dallas, Texas from September 15th – 17th, 2016. Follow TiO on Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest news on TiO products and information. For more information about TiO home automation products or becoming a dealer, visit www.tiohome.com.


About TiO®
TiO is common sense home automation that is uncommonly simple, providing a unique approach to automation and control systems. TiO products are made in the USA and sold exclusively through authorized installing professionals. TiO is engineered to provide flexibility, ease of installation and scalability that accommodates a variety of residential applications. For more information, visit www.tiohome.com.


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