Seven Ways to Get PR Coverage Without Going to Jail

Seven Ways to Get PR Coverage Without Going to Jail

Because growing your business is cool, and getting thrown in the clink isn’t, let’s talk about methods to get PR coverage that don’t require having a bail bondsman on your speed dial.

It should go without saying, too, that you’re risking it all if you tiptoe into the murky waters of fraud and libel. Let’s stay positive, shall we?

  1. Winning awards gives you instant credibility. Manufacturer awards, community awards, the Commercial Integrator Integration Award and more. Each speaks volumes to your customers, prospects and peers. But to make that happen, you need to plan ahead and know the entry deadlines and rules. Also, we recommend you only submit one product or service per category – otherwise you’re competing against yourself and decreasing your chances.

For more on the art of award submissions, click here.

  1. Case studies help build integrity in new areas of work. The best studies focus on your customers and their needs. Bonus points if it shows how it works for a popular brand.
  2. Company profiles create more buzz for your business. If you have a notable organization talk about your company, that’s some serious PR. For example, having your business profiled in Commercial Integrator – which highlights companies doing things right – is a great way to increase your connections and gain new customers.
  3. Company announcements give you more exposure. You should promote any newsworthy event: a merger or sale of the company; promotions and new hires – especially with industry veterans; new product offerings; and membership in industry or community organizations. Tooting your own horn has its advantages.
  4. Working with a nonprofit is important on several levels. Not only are your work and donations good for the community, they’re also newsworthy. Additional press coverage helps you connect with your target customers and your peers.
  5. Grand openings are events worth celebrating. Grand openings placements can be both trade- and community-focused. For community-focused grand openings, invite your local mayor for a ribbon-cutting. The local publications typically will cover this type of event, too.
  6. Guest blog posts help you show off your talents. You can write a one-time piece or a series of articles. It’s an opportunity to gain new followers and customers. A suggestion: When you’re writing, focus on “telling,” not “selling.” Your expertise will do the selling for you.

There you go. Seven proven – and legal – methods for gaining PR coverage. With the proper amount of research, you can have each of these examples working for you.

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