RoseWater joins Queen's University on Energy Storage Study

RoseWater joins Queen's University on Energy Storage Study

RoseWater Energy Group, a provider of next-generation energy storage products, has announced a partnership with Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada to conduct a study to evaluate the impact of a widely-distributed energy storage system backed by RoseWater’s Residential Energy Storage Hub on an electrical grid.


RoseWater Energy will work with Queen’s Multidisciplinary Design Stream Engineering program and multiple local distribution companies (LDCs) in Ontario, including PowerStream, the second largest municipally-owned electricity distribution company in Ontario, as well as Brant Renewable Energy, to complete the study. The results of the study, which is already underway, will greatly benefit all companies and individuals involved in energy supply, distribution and consumption, including policy makers, regulators, electric utilities, and storage systems manufacturers.


As part of the study, RoseWater, along with LDCs, will begin with a phase to determine the benefits of applying advanced lead acid storage technologies to an electrical grid, evaluating areas such as curtailment, renewable energy integration, new generation deferment, smart grids, power quality and increased reliability.


RoseWater would also work with end-users to establish the benefits of reliable power back ups and the quality of power within the area defined by the study.


Pending the results of the initial phase of the study, Queens University and the participating LDCs would work with RoseWater to create a product based around RoseWater’s proprietary storage technology, including those found in RoseWater’s Residential Energy Storage Hub that would address the needs of the LDCs and end user.
“The development and implementation of safe and efficient distributed energy storage systems is a critical factor for the future of a reliable and sustainable energy grid,” said David Strong, Professor in Design Engineering at Queen’s University and National Sciences and Engineering Research Council Chair. “The Axion Power lead carbon battery technology has unique characteristics that make it an excellent choice for energy storage systems. Compared to other battery chemistries: it excels in the combination of safety, cycle life, cell balancing, ambient temperature adaptability and cost. We look forward to seeing how the RoseWater Energy Hub and Axion batteries can impact energy storage on the grid.”
“After meeting with Professor Strong and his students, who will be conducting the study, we’re pleased to see their enthusiasm and understanding of the objectives,” said Joe Piccirilli, managing director for RoseWater Energy. “It’s an exciting moment in the history of both RoseWater and Axion and I’m excited to have not only developed the concept behind the RoseWater Residential Energy Storage Hub, but also to have the opportunity to help facilitate this study with Queen’s University.”


“We are at a true watershed moment that will only become evident in hindsight,” added Mario Bottero, president of RoseWater Energy. “We’re confident the results of this study will demonstrate that the true solution for distributed energy is through a massive network of energy storage units spread throughout the grid–perhaps having one in every home–and not massive multi megawatt centers that further strain the network and create as any problems as they solve.”


Built to provide a variety of solutions for your energy needs, the Residential Energy Storage Hub serves as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for a home and also conditions incoming utility and auxiliary power while providing flexibility to the customer with features such as integration of renewable solar and turbine energy.


The system acts as a surge protector and ensures that, regardless of source, the connected circuits will always see pure sine waves at 110 volts and 60 cycles. It will also allow homeowners to participate in demand/response programs from their local utilities and go “off grid”, enabling power independence.


The system employs the Axion Power advanced lead carbon battery which ensures 5-20 times the cycle life of traditional lead acid batteries, is safe for home use (UL approved) and is over 99% recyclable.


The Residential Energy Storage Hub uses a 10kW/12kWh power quality conversion switchgear that utilizes UPS technology and corrects many common power quality problems that can occur with power from the grid, renewables and backup generators.


For more information on the Residential Energy Storage Hub and Rosewater Energy, please visit


About RoseWater Energy Group
RoseWater Energy was created through the innovation and expertise of many individuals that came together to create an energy storage consortium. With a history of success in multiple fields, RoseWater is focused on bringing that same success to creating, delivering and servicing the next generation of energy storage products. The network spans the globe and RoseWater’s products will service multiple applications for governments, utilities, industries and consumers. The next generation of energy is upon us, and RoseWater Energy will prepare you for it.


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