RoseWater Energy & Axion Power to Assist in PbC Battery Test with ePower Engine Systems

RoseWater Energy & Axion Power to Assist in PbC Battery Test with ePower Engine Systems

RoseWater Energy Group congratulates Axion Power International for its upcoming over-the-road test of the Axion PbC battery in the ePower Engine Systems hybrid power train for tractor-trailers.


The ePower system utilizes a smaller diesel engine and incorporates PbC batteries that offset the load requirements from the engine. The batteries are used for increased engine output, like starting from a dead stop and inclines, and capture energy from regenerative braking and descending hills. This will result in fuel savings potentially as high as 50% as well as reduced CO2 emissions. The test truck will be driven throughout the United States and put in real world situations. The results and progress will be tracked by ePower, Axion Power and RoseWater Energy.


“We got a call from a mutual friend, John Petersen, who recommended we talk to Andy Claypole at ePower and sure enough, within a few weeks we had Andy down to the plant and the conversations couldn’t have gone better,” stated Joe Piccirilli, managing director of RoseWater Energy. “Both Andy and Jay at ePower saw what we had to offer and realized this should be the solution for them.”


“If it was not for the efforts of Joe Piccirilli of Rosewater Energy, we may not have put this initiative together, and not in such a timely manner either”, said Andy Claypole of ePower. Claypole went on to say, “Joe reached out to me and convinced me that he had the solution to the issues we were facing with the existing battery chemistries we were utilizing, and then he set up the meetings with the Axion team and continued to stay involved to insure the discussions moved along efficiently”.


“We’re confident that what we have is the answer for ePower and these tests will confirm that” added Mario Bottero, president of RoseWater. “To be part of the HUB, a product that will revolutionize localized energy storage, and now to be part of the ePower system, an engine redesign that will revolutionize the trucking industry, is quite an amazing thing for us at RoseWater”


About ePower Engine Systems

ePower engine systems has developed a hybrid drive-train technology for Class 8 vehicles which offers the performance, power, range, and affordability required by truck operators. The system has been designed for retro-fitting existing vehicles to extend vehicle life and reduce capital costs.


About RoseWater Energy Group

RoseWater Energy was created through the innovation and expertise of many individuals that came together to create an energy storage consortium. With a history of success in multiple fields, we are focused on bringing that same success to creating, delivering and servicing the next generation of energy storage products. Our network spans the globe and our products will service multiple applications for governments, utilities, industries and consumers. The next generation of energy is upon us, and RoseWater Energy will prepare you for it.


RoseWater is responsible for the development of the residential energy HUB, a product that will revolutionize residential storage around the world.


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