RoseWater Completes First Hamptons Installation with HUB SB20

RoseWater Completes First Hamptons Installation with HUB SB20

Elevated Integration installs HUB SB20 in Hamptons, NY to protect commercial-grade networking system

 SUNRISE, Fla. – July 24, 2017 – RoseWater Energy Group, a provider of next-generation integrated energy management HUBs, announces the first Hamptons installation of the HUB SB20. The latest installation, taking place in Hamptons, NY, sets the tone for many upcoming, scheduled installations across the United States within the next year.

Over the last eight months, RoseWater Energy Group worked closely with Elevated Integration to complete the installation of the HUB SB20 prior to Memorial Day, a summer kick-off weekend in the Hamptons. As the reliability of typical municipal power continues to decline, especially in the Hamptons, it’s critical to protect the investment in technology through a battery backup and surge protection device, as Elevated Integration understood in their latest project with a returning customer.

“As we started to design the project for our clients, we decided that based on their situation, previous complaints and the unreliability of municipal power in the Hamptons, a battery backup and surge protector was a necessity,” said Tim Bushing, Project Manager for Elevated Integration. “The system we were designing included a high-profile, robust network system with the help of Access Network in California and we wanted to protect the commercial-grade network system, along with the typical home automation, security, and audio and video equipment. We couldn’t afford to have power failures that were out of our control and we wouldn’t have been able to guarantee the reliability of the system without a backup device.”

“Nick, owner of Elevated Integration, met with Joe Piccirilli of RoseWater Energy at CEDIA 2017, prior to starting the project in the Hamptons, and we haven’t been able to find a product like it on the market. There’s nothing else like the HUB SB20 based off the impressive specifications, quality manufacturing and price. We worked with RoseWater to schedule the delivery of the HUB SB20 and our experience with the team was great. Joe was receptive to our feedback, understand what was important to our customer, and brainstormed on how we can sell this product more often – Even to our customers in the city with limited space. We feel like we have a partnership in our relationship with RoseWater, which is different than many other manufacturers in the industry.”

“Elevated Integration approached us with immense interest in the HUB SB20, and after learning more about the project and the serious network system being installed, it only made sense for the HUB SB20 to be included,” said Joe Piccirilli, managing director and chief executive officer of RoseWater Energy Group. “The Hamptons, along with many populated areas across the United States, are susceptible to brown outs and unreliable municipal power. With expensive equipment, whether it’s networking gear or automation, it’s critical to protect the gear with a versatile solution that combines power condition, industrial grade surge protection and uninterruptible battery power.”

The HUB SB20 features zero transfer time while intelligently managing all connected power sources for optimal usage at the electrical panel level. The HUB SB20 incorporates technology that outputs 100% clean power regardless of the source – utility, generator or battery without having the added worry of natural disturbances and grid faults. The HUB serves as a central location for grid produced and battery power with the ability to transition from one energy source to another, seamlessly.

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