RGB Spectrum Demonstrates Its IP-enabled OmniWall Display Processor

RGB Spectrum Demonstrates Its IP-enabled OmniWall Display Processor

Alameda, CA – May 6, 2014 – RGB Spectrum invites attendees of InfoComm 2014 to experience the powerful capabilities of its award-winning OmniWallTM Display Processor at Booth #C8320. With the additional of VDA remote desktop technology, the processor now supports IP sources and destinations.

Combining the versatility of a matrix switcher with the power of a video wall processor in a single platform, the innovative OmniWall processor offers an unprecedented level of functionality. Designed to support video walls of all sizes and configurations, the video wall processor provides display solutions that are powerful, cost-effective and ideal for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

The OmniWall processor is the most flexible, scalable video wall solution on the market. The processor is available in two chassis sizes: 16 inputs/outputs and 32 inputs/outputs. A single processor can control several walls, while multiple processors can be connected in parallel to support even the largest-sized walls (100 screens or more) without compromising performance.

Modular system architecture allows the OmniWall processor to support a full range of digital and analog signal types including RGB, DVI, HDMI, 3G/HD-SDI, HDBaseT and fiber. VDA remote desktop technology enables OmniWall processors to provide full support for IP inputs. Whether the processor is used as a standalone product, or as an integrated part of a control room management system, VDA adapters greatly enhance its capabilities.

The processor supports single-link and dual-link DVI with resolutions up to 1920×1200 and 4096×2160, respectively. HDCP-compliance allows the processor to display content-protected HDMI signals and the system supports embedded audio de-embedding and pass-through. To enhance the versatility of the system, the OmniWall processor can route inputs to any output on a video wall, scale them over multiple monitors, or display inputs on auxiliary devices that are not part of a video wall.

The OmniWall processor is easy to set up and control. A simple three-step process through the built-in Web Control Panel allows users to quickly build video wall layouts and save presets. An optional VIEW Controller for OmniWall further streamlines operation. It generates live thumbnail images of sources which users can drag-and-drop to video wall or auxiliary displays.

With built-in cable equalization, the processor supports extended input cable lengths, which further simplifies system integration. In addition, each OmniWall output connector can supply pin power to endpoints, eliminating the need for external power supplies.

Building on RGB Spectrum’s industry-renowned reliability, OmniWall processors combine power and flexibility with real-time video processing and 24/7 robustness to offer an affordable solution for large-scale video wall displays. Experience the power of the OmniWall Display Processor, and see all of RGB Spectrum’s innovative products at booth #C8320.

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