CES, CEDIA Expo, InfoComm, and Other Top 7 Trade & Consumer Shows

CES, CEDIA Expo, InfoComm, and Other Top 7 Trade & Consumer Shows

CES, CEDIA Expo, and InfoComm,

Trade shows such as CES, CEDIA Expo and InfoComm are a great strategy to get your products in front of the right B2B audience in a cost-effective way. Why? When you think about the targeted audience a trade show offers, you can draw up some very good cost-per-acquisition numbers with the right strategy. Just think about it… no one will take their time and spend their money on a trade show to check out products that they are not in the market for.

With our years of experience working on the tech industry, we’ve come to know pretty much every trade show available and have the inside scoop. Here are some of our favorites.

Trade Shows for the Tech Industry you Should Consider

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

The Consumer Technology Association’s annual signature event. According to their website, “CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.”

CES offers great opportunities to show your products and services to buyers from around the world, but with more than 175,000 typically attending the show, it can be challenging to be noticed. You want to make sure you have a strong plan for success and a decent budget to support it.

When: January

Where: Las Vegas

More Info: https://www.ces.tech/

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE)

With more than 75,000 attendees and about 1,100 exhibitors, ISE is the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration. A collaborative effort between AVIXA (formerly InfoComm) and CEDIA, this is the show to attend for products that you want to sell outside of the United States. ISE helps their exhibitors find international distributors and has a strong educational curriculum.

When: February                     

Where: Amsterdam in 2020 then the show moves to Barcelona in 2021

More Info: https://www.iseurope.org/

The International Security Conference West

is one of the biggest security shows of the year, with more than 30,000 security professionals in attendance and over 1,000 exhibitors and brands. if you’re in the security business or if you have integrated products that can be sold and installed by security professionals, this is the show you’ll want to go to.

When: March or April
Where: Las Vegas

More Info: https://www.iscwest.com/

CE Week

According to their website, “CE Week is the epicenter for innovation, emerging trends and insights, AND building connections in the North American technology space.”

Although it’s a smaller event with about 3,000 attendees per year, CE Week features some of the hottest trends in tech with a focus on back-to-school and holiday season product launches. It’s a great place to develop one-to-one relationships with potential customers and advocates. CE Week also typically has consumer editors attending that don’t attend most of the trade-only shows.

When: June

Where: New York

More Info: https://www.ceweekny.com/


Hailed as an audiovisual and integrated experience on their website, InfoComm serves the pro AV industry with almost 1,000 exhibitors and 40,000-plus attendees from 110 countries. It also offers a strong education curriculum for the attendees.

According to their website, “InfoComm is the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America, with thousands of products for audio, unified communications and collaboration, display, video, control, digital signage, home automation, security, VR, and live events.”

When: June

Where: Orlando 2019 or Las Vegas 2020 (alternates each year)

More Info: https://www.infocommshow.org/


The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association’s show focused on residential technology. According to their website, “the association powers integrators’ passion by providing development pathways that move them to the next level by providing education, community, resources, and vision. CEDIA members deliver technology solutions that allow people to have their best moments in life from the comfort of their own home: life lived best at home.

Attendance is about 20,000 with over 500 exhibitors at the annual event with a connected technology.

When: September

Where: Varies, Denver in 2019 and 2020

More Info: https://www.cedia.net/events/event-detail-page/2019/09/10/default-calendar/cedia-expo-2019

TecHome Builder Summits

Hosted by AE Ventures, the TecHome Builder Summits host hundreds of leaders from the nation’s biggest and most progressive homebuilders. Their purpose is to expand and refine their tech plays and identify the vendors they’ll need to succeed in a rapidly growing and fast-changing market. 2019 guests will generate projected aggregate revenues of more than $65 billion and will build more than 275,000 housing units.

These events are a good outlet for those companies who sell residential tech products for new construction.

When: Fall, Spring

Where: Varies

More Info: https://techomebuildersummit.com/

Do you have other tech events that you recommend or have questions about our experience in these or other events? Share in the comments!

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