Let’s Talk Video Distribution

Let’s Talk Video Distribution

There’s no doubt that videos are a great tool to promote your business. You can tell your story visually, highlight your product features and share your experience at events, among many other things.

One must keep in mind though, that video distribution is as important as developing the video! Without an effective distribution strategy, your video will just sit on your website or YoutTube without being watched. So how can you effectively distribute your videos effectively? Read on to find out.

Video Distribution Best Practices

Video Platforms

The first place you need to turn to when you’re ready to publish your video is to video distribution platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

To increase your chances of being found on YouTube, treat your video as a blog post in terms of SEO. Think of YouTube as a search engine for videos. Make sure to choose a keyword you want to rank for and use it in the title, description, and tags.

NOTE: Be sure to setup and customize your YouTube channel so that it looks well presented and the videos you want seen ‘front and center’ are easy to find. This will help draw attention to your most important videos.

Your Website

After you’ve uploaded the video to YouTube, it’s time to add it to your website. Nowadays, you likely just need to copy the YouTube URL and WordPress will embed the video on a page or blog post. Make sure to write a compelling headline and description to go along with the video. For extra SEO points, include the written video transcript. There’s several paid options to do this for as little as $1/min., or perhaps less. There’s also some free methods/tricks using dictation on your computer and/or phone that works decently well sometimes.

Also, make sure to include a CTA (call to action) on the page or blog post. Do you want people to share the video? Buy a product? Contact you? Make sure you give them this direction and include the link on the page.

Social Media

The next logical step is to share the video on social media. You can choose to share the video directly from YouTube, or you can share the webpage you created on your website.

The difference is that from YouTube it’ll be more difficult to maintain the viewers’ attention after they’ve watched your video, or they could be distracted by competitor ads or videos. On your website, you have more control over their experience during and after they watch your video and you can direct them to other content, product pages or contact forms.

A Note on Live Videos

Social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram have the capability of doing live videos. Viewers can interact with the video by sending comments, asking questions and reacting to the video, in real-time.

Going live might seem intimidating at first, but live videos are a great tool to encourage interaction from your audience. You can give an insider’s perspective, address blog comments, share event tours and answer questions live.

Live videos are a great way to share your personality and humanize your brand. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, live videos are supposed to be spontaneous and people won’t judge you for any small hiccup that may come up.

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