Last Minute CEDIA Tips

Last Minute CEDIA Tips

It’s nearly time for everyone to start packing their bags and traveling to Dallas for CEDIA 2016. Where has the year gone? While time has surely flown by, I’m making my list of booths I want to visit at CEDIA 2016 and starting to fill in my schedule for the week. Since our time in Dallas will go by quickly, it’s important to begin planning your show as you gear up for a successful week!

Now’s the time to dust off the CEDIA 2016 Brochure that you received in the mail and begin highlighting the events you’re planning to attend. If you haven’t received your CEDIA 2016 brochure in the mail, I would highly recommending downloading it online. As you look through the brochure, I hope you consider participating in the CEDIA 2016 BIG Celebration at Gilley’s to see all the CEDIA Award winners. Consider participating in at least one CEDIA Talk session – there’s some great information about trends and disruptive technologies in those sessions. In addition, the brochure highlights each of the CEDIA Training Sessions, from manufacturer product training to CEDIA certifications. And remember, CEDIA members can purchase an unlimited training pass for only $529 (manufacturer product training is free)! Once you’ve created a list of the events you want to participate in, make sure you’re registered for the events through CEDIA’s Registration Portal.

Once you’re registered for the events you’re looking to attend, you can start mapping out your schedule. The CEDIA Digital Show Planner provides an excellent tool for staying organized and planning your days in Dallas, all accessible through the CEDIA 2016 App. If you haven’t downloaded the app already, I would highly recommend it. Although I love the Show Planner and the CEDIA 2016 App, I’m old school and I personally prefer printing my schedule out or writing them by hand into my planner. The best part about a printed schedule and a planner means that you have extra room to keep notes throughout the week. Whichever organization method you prefer, make sure you keep track of your meetings, Training Sessions, CEDIA Talks and other events to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

Now, enough with the show floor planning – I’m going to let you in on a secret. With today’s technology and innovation, there are so many transportation methods, including Uber, Lyft and DART Rail, but I would highly recommend utilizing eFrogs (Eco-Friendly Rides on Green Shuttles) if you’re looking to travel around downtown Dallas for dinner or sightseeing. eFrogs Dallas was started to address the missing link for patrons in areas with a multitude of quality restaurants, bars, theaters, performance halls, museums and businesses. Producing zero-emissions, eFrogs street legal GEM e4 and e6 electric cars are a fun way to accommodate up to 5 passengers. While eFrogs offers FREE transportation, I can say from previous experience that eFrogs drivers greatly appreciate tips and carry-out dessert after picking you up from your dinner plans. You can schedule a pickup by calling (469) 432-4055.

Another couple of tips getting around, if this is your first rodeo in Dallas, there’s also the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) which can get you to/from the airport easily. It’s very cost effective at only $2.50 for a two-hour pass or $5 for a day pass. Information on these transit options can be found at: Dallas Fort Worth and Dallas Love Field. As well as the complimentary bus shuttle to and from the convention center to most area hotels.

Lastly, if you’re anything like me and you’re patience can’t accept that CEDIA 2016 is still a couple weeks away; I would highly recommend participating in Julie Jacobson’s Ultimate Preview of CEDIA 2016. Julie’s free webinar on September 7th will highlight the coolest technology hitting CEDIA’s show floor while guiding you through the newest trends. In addition, CE Pro and rAVe Publications have been cranking out tons of CEDIA 2016 news and guides on the latest technology. Be sure to sign up for their daily newsletters and follow them on social media to keep up with emerging trends going in to CEDIA 2016.

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