The Key to a Good Tech PR Agency

The Key to a Good Tech PR Agency

Over the past 17 years Marketing Matters has partnered with many established and start-up technology brands and each has required a tailored campaign specific to their needs and situation. A good tech PR agency must integrate appropriate marketing tools to supplement media related tech PR activities to garner maximum exposure.

Earned Media in Tech PR – It’s no doubt that earned media is one of the better ways to bring the most credibility to your brand. Earned media is basically any marketing tool that is endorsed by a third party, like a magazine or blog. In large part, this is encompassed by tech PR, and can also be supported by tools like social media, or winning awards for your products or services.

This is no easy feat for companies to undertake. Tech PR requires hours of research, developing targeted pitches to the right outlet, and often months if not years developing relationships with editors. And at the outset, tech PR requires a strong strategic plan with measurable goals to get the most return on your investment.

Supplementing Tech PR with Paid Media – While public relations can bring your brand credibility, it’s impossible to build a house with only one tool. In order for tech PR to be effective, a company must have a strong brand. For example, editors want to offer their readers news on companies they themselves trust and know. This doubly affects start-up companies, as there is no brand to speak of, yet established companies must also stay out in front of the eyes of the world.

Paid media, by way of advertising, sponsoring events, paid online search advertising, among other tools, provides your audiences with information and can help boost your brand into the spotlight by paving the way for tech PR coverage.

Owned Media in Tech PR – Owned media, or any outlet that you the company can control like your website or blog, has several impediments to overcome. The largest being that there is no guarantee that anyone will take notice. It takes time to create momentum and build your audience. By establishing your subject matter expertise with owned media, your credibility with your audiences will grow – as well as your SEO results.  Owned media is one of the foundations of tech PR activities and should be geared to building long-term relationships with your customers.

Developing a good tech PR campaign rarely only involves media related activities. Marketing Matters has developed many successful tech PR campaigns of and the most successful ones always require more than just one tool in our toolkit.

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