Keeping Up with the Latest Trends to Boost your Business

Keeping Up with the Latest Trends to Boost your Business

If you spend just a small amount of time on Facebook or Twitter, you likely have an idea of what’s trending on any given day. Trends are the reason hashtags have become so popular. And, while #KUWTK (Keeping Up with the Kardashians) and #TheVoice provide entertainment, they also provide a lot of value about trends – especially on social media.


If you own a business or play a role in marketing, here are several reasons why you should be paying attention to hashtags that define what’s trending.


  1. It will give you insights as to what your target market wants: Browsing through trending topics will likely show you subjects that may be relevant to your business. No matter what your business specializes in, a careful search will show you ways to incorporate hashtags into your marketing strategy. This way, you’ll find out what people love (or are complaining about) relating to your product.


  1. It’s what people pay attention to when researching a company or product: Once upon a time, you might have done a simple Google search. And, although Google still works, studies show that for more comprehensive search results, 68% of consumers go to social media sites. That’s a substantial number that could create a dent on your bottom line if you ignore it.


  1. It will keep your business in consumers’ conversations: It is no secret that the whole purpose of creating a hashtag is to add your message to a national (and sometimes even worldwide) discussion. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can start your own Twitter chat.


  1. Increase engagement with target market: Once you join the conversation, people can comment and/or inquire about your services or products directly from you. Why let competitors answer their questions, when you can take care of it yourself?


  1. You control the narrative: When you draft a message with effective hashtags, every time someone replies with a comment or inquiry, you get a notification. This means that you get to solve people’s problems or correct any misinformation. Why have people who’ve never done business with you answer a product question when consumers could get real answers?


Even if it evolves and some platforms are abandoned for others, social media is here to stay. It’s how people stay in touch, gossip, and do business. Take advantage of this goldmine before your competition beats you to it. Your bottom line will appreciate it, and you’ll probably even be entertained.


Happy #hashtagging!

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