Job Opportunity: Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Job Opportunity: Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Marketing Matters, established in 1997, is a full service integrated marketing and public relations agency that works with clients in a variety of industries including consumer electronics and installed technologies. Our work is both B2B and B2C focused.


We are seeking a creative, detailed, self-starting team member experienced in both public relations and marketing. Applicants must possess excellent writing and communication skills, be able to create and manage marketing programs, understand and implement marketing techniques (SEO, keywords, email marketing campaigns, social media, etc.), and be knowledgeable about media relations strategies and techniques.


The ideal candidate will be smart, entrepreneurial, trustworthy and fun to work with.


NOTE: We are seeking to fill this as a contractor position initially to help us with our current work. This position could lead to a full-time permanent position or end in September. The outcome will depend upon economic conditions.



In this role the candidate will be required to develop, implement and/or manage digital and traditional marketing and media campaigns:

  • B-to-B marketing campaigns (direct mail, email, webinars, advertising, events, etc.)
  • B-to-C promotional and media campaigns
  • Corporate communications (email, website, advertising, etc.)
  • Special events (trade shows, press events, etc.)


The ideal candidate will have proven experience in:

  • Conceptualizing, copywriting and working with a team to develop creative marketing programs that ensure the success of clients.
  • Providing strategic input on new business efforts, assist in preparing written proposals, writing creative briefs and reviewing budget estimates.
  • Working as a team player, innovation, resourcefulness, being able to manage numerous projects, being dedicated to the company’s success and possess strong communication skills.
  • Candidate should have good organizational and consensus building skills.
  • Successful candidates should also have proven skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Acrobat. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite programs (PhotoShop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, etc.) are a major plus.


Essential duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Develop, provide creative direction and draft copy for both online and offline communication vehicles, including web, email, print advertising, jump/splash pages, websites, collateral, media kits and promotional materials.
  • Ensure that all materials are within the current campaign and/or graphic standards, that all corporate and brand identity standards are followed, and that client approval is obtained at all phases of the project.
  • Managing the project process from proposal to strategic planning to creative development and production for client projects, including managing the budget and deadlines.
  • Ability to adhere to our company values of teamwork, transparency, communication, credibility, accountability and flexibility.
  • Stay abreast of industry changes and news.


Education and Experience:

Qualified candidates will possess at minimum:

  • Two years experience in corporate position or with an advertising, marketing and/or public relations agency
  • Bachelor’s degree with Marketing, Advertising or Communications emphasis preferred
  • Ability to conceptualize and assist in developing sophisticated marketing collateral using multiple resources
  • Knowledge of marketing administration, media relations and brand management at a level normally acquired through a minimum of a combined six years of relevant experience and education
  • Excellent creative, written and verbal communications skills
  • Team oriented with interpersonal and presentation skills
  • An ability to multi-task and determine priorities on a real-time basis
  • Strong (nearly obsessive) attention to detail
  • An abundance of common sense
  • Intrinsic drive to develop quality programs (appearance, perception, execution and results)


IMPORTANT: This is initially a contract position that could lead to a full-time permanent position with benefits and the opportunity for growth. If you feel this position is a good fit for you and us, please submit a cover letter with salary requirements, your resume and two writing samples in a single PDF file of reasonable size to No phone calls, faxes or agencies, please.


More information about us can be found at

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