ImmunoSite Technologies Provides Particle Testing Services to Beckman Coulter Customers

ImmunoSite Technologies Provides Particle Testing Services to Beckman Coulter Customers

ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of immune monitoring services, is now receiving direct customer referrals for particle testing services from Beckman Coulter, Inc. as part of a recent collaboration agreement.

As part of the agreement, ImmunoSite Technologies (IST) will utilize its extensive industry expertise and experience to perform particle testing for Beckman Coulter customers using Beckman Coulter’s particle testing instrumentation. IST will employ technologies from the “Coulter Principle”, laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering, zeta potential and BET analysis to test all aspects of particulate samples.

“We are happy to work with a company that has ImmunoSite’s reputation for excellence in pharmaceutical characterization,” said Elsa Burgess, director of commercial operations with Beckman Coulter.

IST and Beckman Coulter particle testing customers benefit from ImmunoSite Technologies’ quick sample-analysis turnaround and superior customer service—including strict confidentially of all data and samples. With 21 CFR part 11 systems available, all samples handled by IST are analyzed with superior methodologies and with the benefit of the latest particle testing technologies and systems. Additionally, all analysis procedures and results data undergo extensive reviews, ensuring that customers receive the best results possible.

ImmunoSite Technologies’ outstanding Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) status was also one of the factors in being selected as a Beckman Coulter partner. IST conducts particle testing for leading companies throughout a wide-range of industries; ranging from pharmaceuticals, to various construction materials, to cosmetics and more. All protocols for sample handling and data reporting exceed the current GLP standards, reinforcing IST’s commitment to addressing its customer’s requirements for quality control, regulatory compliance and auditing.

“We are extremely confident in the abilities of particle testing and the services we provide to help us solve our customers’ complex problems,” said Wade Bolton, Ph.D., CEO of IST. “This is an important adjunct to our current pharma services in immune monitoring and surveillance.”

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About ImmunoSite Technologies

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC (IST) offers a full range of contract research (CRO) immune monitoring services to leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and academic organizations around the world to provide products and services that span all stages of drug discovery and development. The company is uniquely qualified to develop assays and conduct testing to assess immune status and function. IST is rapidly building a worldwide reputation for services related to qualifying, standardizing, and when appropriate, automating assays associated with cell-mediated immunity. IST services include flow cytometry, particle characterization, application development, automation, assay development and testing. By using qualified reagents, controls, standards and processes, IST-developed functional assays perform within tight specifications and yield reproducible results, helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to accelerate drug discovery, document clinical relevance and reduce costs.

A privately held company, IST was formed in August, 2009, to bring together a highly qualified team of industry leading immune system research and development scientists who together have more than 100 years of experience developing and performing assays related to immune monitoring and surveillance. The IST team has been distinguished by their ongoing partnerships with best-in-class clinical trial organizations such as: the Immune Tolerance Network, the Immune Tolerance Institute, and the Imperial College of London managed CD4 Initiative. This extensive cell analysis R&D experience qualifies IST scientists to comply with complex and demanding international scientific and governmental regulations.

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