How to Promote Your CEDIA Expo 2010 Booth

How to Promote Your CEDIA Expo 2010 Booth

If your company is exhibiting at CEDIA Expo 2010, I’m sure by now your team has had discussions that begin with the question, “what are we going to do to get people to our booth?” By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve come up with some awesome ideas ranging from product or cash giveaways (SWAG), special promos on your products or services, booth “babes”, beer (always a crowd pleaser!) and food, etc.

All of these are great ideas and I’m sure we’ll see some even more creative ideas at this year’s show, but maximizing your efforts goes beyond simply ordering promo goods. What are you doing to make sure attendees to the show know about them in advance and make sure they make time to visit your booth?

Here are a couple of ideas for promoting your CEDIA Expo 2010 activities:

Public Relations – Reach out to the industry trade media outlets and give them a brief overview of what your company has in store for the show. This can be done with a nice press release, but in lots of cases, a simple well-written paragraph or two will also work. (Tip: Act now on this one as most of the print publications are wrapping up their pre-show coverage now.)

List Rentals – Most of the leading industry trade publications offer email and/or mail lists that you can rent to send out your message to a larger audience. These lists can be pretty extensive and include a large number of CEDIA Expo attendees so you can ensure you’re hitting the right markets.

Social Media – If your company is engaged in social media (personal note: by now the question should be “if” your company is engaged, but rather “how is” your company engaged), make sure you’re spreading the word about your booth, specials, giveaways via networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

SEO your Website – Make sure your company website has a single dedicated page that will serve as the “info center” for attendees who may be interested in visiting your booth. Incorporate elements of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)—such as keyword integration with phrases like “CEDIA Expo 2010”—to ensure that your company ranks high when potential visitors to your booth are searching Google for the best booths to visit at the show.

CEDIA Follow Me App This year, attendees to CEDIA Expo can download an app for their smartphones that will provide them with instant access to interactive maps, the show directory, press releases and other exhibitor information. Contact CEDIA to get your login information and make sure you have your company profile up-to-date.

By using some of these tactics, you can help drive traffic to your booth and maximize your investment in exhibiting at CEDIA Expo 2010.

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