How to Develop Your AV Industry Marketing Budget

How to Develop Your AV Industry Marketing Budget

Creating a marketing budget for your AV company is essential to achieve success and maximize your investment. It is important to know what actions you will take, analyze the results of those actions, identify the team members involved, and the milestones to be covered. Planning, coordinating, and drawing conclusions from each action will allow us to see our results in a broader context and thus validate the next steps.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an AV Industry Marketing Budget

Define the Path

AV companies should review their mission: how are your products and services having an impact on the lives of your clients? In this way, the company can allocate the necessary resources to satisfy the market’s demands and not just not promote without a strategy.

Analyze Previous Years

It is certainly not ideal to create a budget without examining previous years’ financials. Knowing these metrics allows your AV company to analyze how much your average client spent, what the profit margin was, and find the areas in which to create economies of scale.

Identify Where to Invest

Before allocating the financial and human resources to your marketing budget, your AV company needs to create goals then identify the activities to support those goals that require budget allocation. This is a general list and your specific activities will depend upon your AV marketing goals.


Here we refer to the advertising efforts made in traditional and digital channels, whether in Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, or any other platform.

Content marketing strategies

Pieces that are created regularly to educate and inform your leads and clients, such as blog posts, videos, social media posts and infographics.

Web design and maintenance

It is important to allocate an amount of money to update your website an ensure it is working properly, gets some updates, and that it is safeguarded against new attacks.

AV Industry Events

AV industry events should be included, either as a host or participant. These include trade shows, product launches, workshops, and other activities that create value for your clients.

Social media management

Your presence on social media is important. What you invest here (from content, communication, and administration) will give you precious information for your entire marketing plan.

Software resources

It’s worth setting aside a budget for anything that helps you automate tasks. It includes everything from a CRM to analytics that lets your company know if you are receiving a good return on investment from your campaigns.

Planning the marketing budget is important to ensure that the company’s resources are being well spent. By using a planned budget, waste is avoided in activities that will not bring return and it allows you to make adjustments as need to get the best return on your marketing investment.  

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